The Head And The Heart Rock Boston With Their Simple Indie Folk

Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

The Head And The Heart came to Boston last week for a weekend run of shows at Royale. Despite their classic indie folk sound, the band seemed right at home playing a venue in the heart of the city. In fact, the band brought a unique kind of simple energy to Boston and got the crowd moving in a way that isn’t seen much here.

Thanks to the band’s sweet, lighthearted tunes, a fun vibe quickly permeated throughout the crowd and got everyone dancing. While the show started with an audience of rather professional looking 20-somethings standing around, it wasn’t long before hits like “Lost In My Mind” and “Homecoming Heroes” helped dissolve the overwhelming feeling of professionalism in the crowd. Within 20 minutes of The Head And The Heart taking the stage, it was as if nobody in the venue had a care in the world.

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Perhaps the best part of the show, however, was the way in which The Head And The Heart didn’t pretend for a second to be something they’re not. The band clearly knows they perform best when they keep it sweet and simple, and that is exactly what the band did at their Boston show. There were no superfluous guitar solos, no longwinded musical interludes, just unpretentious indie folk tunes that were performed near perfectly.

The simple energy of the show perfectly complimented the excited crowd, creating a feeling of carefree innocence. Soft, drifting melodies washed over the audience before giving way to upbeat, danceable rhythms. Even the tracklist was perfectly organized, with a string of danceable songs leading into a slew of slower ballads near the middle of the set. Eventually though, The Head And The Heart returned to the danceable indie folk they’re best known for and the audience welcomed this return with open arms and tapping toes.

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The Head And The Heart’s show managed to transport Boston to a far off, rural folk setting for the night and it was a much-appreciated change in pace. The band has plenty of tour dates coming up across the country in the next few months, so make sure to check them out when they come to you!

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