Parks and Recreation Recap: “Fluoride” and “The Cones of Dunshire”

Emma Doherty ‘16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Parks and Recreation was on again this week with another set of back to back episodes. Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) spirits and motivation are high despite last week’s episode where she learns that she is being kicked out of office. She is trying to improve the city and pass a bill that will add fluoride to the water. Even with this simple request, Councilman Jamm (Jon Glaser) can’t let her get anywhere productive and decides to create his own bill that will prevent anyone from adding anything to the water. Once again, Councilman Jamm and Leslie are head to head on government issues. Of course Sweetums joins in on the issue and backs Jamm. But, with help from the technologically savvy and entrepreneurial enthusiast Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), the two work together to get Pawnee voters on their side by glamorizing their case.

Meanwhile, Craig (Billy Eichner) is back and officially part of the cast! He and April have just finished working on the animal adoption website for the town when the two decide that they will pick everyone’s “spirit dog”. This leads to a great Donna (Retta) and April (Aubrey Plaza) storyline. April tries to learn more about her co-worker after she gets offended by her choice in spirit dog.

Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari in the Parks and Recreation episode "Flouride." Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC.
Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari in the Parks and Recreation episode “Flouride.” Photo Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC.

Everyone knows that there’s very little time left for Chris (Rob Lowe)and Ann (Rashida Jones) in Pawnee so it was refreshing to see a storyline focused on at least one of them.

Chris is inspired by Ron’s (Nick Offerman) woodworking ability and decides that he will try to learn as much as he can about becoming a dad from him. After learning that he has unintentionally become Chris’ mentor, Ron sets him straight and reassures him that he doesn’t need to worry and that he will be a great father. Seeing the two future parents talking about what lies ahead was very sweet but also sad. And speaking of Ann and Chris leaving, where was Ann? Despite her near departure on the thirteenth episode of the season, she has only appeared a few times so far!

In the next episode, after Ben (Adam Scott) gets fired from Sweetums for being associated with Leslie, he reveals his newest idea “The Cones of Dunshire” which is a board game he creates after being at home and out of work. We all know how strange Ben gets when he has a lot of free time. The last time he was out of work he started making a claymation video (which I would still like to see finished), so Ben takes up another job at the firm we have seen him at in past episodes.

(If you’re a true fan and are interested in playing The Cones of Dunshire, the official tumblr page released the rules and how to play here!

Adam Scott in the Parks and Recreation episode "Cones of Dunshire."
Adam Scott in the Parks and Recreation episode “Cones of Dunshire.”

While Ben is at his new job, Leslie is still working on improving the city and Pawnee Commons is finally brought to attention! Leslie has wanted a park in Pawnee since the very first episode of the show. Of course Jamm is against anything Leslie wants so she spends as much time with him as possible to try to get him on her side.

Chris does Leslie a favor when he learns that Leslie is pushing so hard for the Commons to happen as soon as possible because she thinks it will make Ann want to stay. He is able to get Jamm to agree to the park after promising him that during his next term as city manager he is in debt five i.o.u’s. This of course isn’t a promise he can keep because he announced that him and Ann are officially moving to Michigan.

With this announcement, Chris offers Ben the position to be the next city manager which he gladly accepts despite being loved at his new job. Although we will be losing two of the greatest parts of Pawnee soon, at least we can look forward to seeing the long awaited park.

Parks and Recreation won’t be on again until January 8th, and make sure to watch at it’s new time 8:30/7:30c.

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