American Horror Story: Coven Recap/Review: The Scared Taking

James Canellos ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
The battle of the witches continues on this week’s episode of AHS.  The episode masterfully utilizes shadows to heighten the tension, and it almost feels like the 1942 film Cat People in that sense. As Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) walks through town, she’s confronted by a homeless man threatening her with a hammer. Queenie, being a human voodoo doll, inflicts pain on herself in order to take down the homeless man. Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) and Madison (Emma Roberts) find her and try to talk to Queenie as she rips out the heart of the homeless man for Marie (Angela Bassett). Zoe tries to convince her to come back to the Coven, but the distant Queenie seems to be on the opposing side now. Queenie declares that “war is coming” as the heart beats in her hand.

Photo's courtesy of FX
Photo’s courtesy of FX
Now the battle on the home front continues as Fiona (Jessica Lange) becomes weaker due to the chemo therapy and the rising of the new Supreme, who has yet to be revealed. Fiona knows that her days are numbered, and now has the whole Coven against her. The one who’s leading the attack on Fiona is her own daughter, Cordelia Fox (Sarah Paulson). She knows that Fiona tried to kill Madison fearing that she was the new Supreme, so now it’s time to end Fiona’s reign. Fox tells Madison, Nan (Jamie Brewer) and Zoe what they must do as the door bell rings. Spalding (Denis O’Hare) is now dead and Delphine (Kathy Bates) is being held captive by Marie, so Zoe goes to answer. Behind the door is Misty (Lily Rabe), who was almost killed the previous night by a witch hunter. Fox embraces Misty’s presence, which makes Misty confident enough to say that she has a guest in the greenhouse. Adding on to the roster of characters brought back from the dead is now Myrtle (Frances Conroy), who was previously burned at the stake. Myrtle believes that Misty is the Supreme that Fiona’s been trying to kill because of her ability to bring back anyone from the dead.
On the second level of the Coven mansion, Kyle (Evan Peters) is still being kept away by Zoe and Madison, who are also sharing him as a boyfriend. Things are a little awkward between the three of them after their undead threesome. Zoe is trying to teach the man child how to speak properly, while Madison only wants to have fun. Zoe and Madison then leave Kyle to perform a sacred witch ritual to ensure the survival of the Coven. Fox, Myrtle, Misty, Nan, Zoe and Madison become bonded blood as we get a retro history lesson of the witches of the Coven. The only way to complete the ritual is to have the current Supreme sacrifice herself.
Photo's courtesy of FX
Photo’s courtesy of FX
The witches know that Fiona won’t willingly kill herself for the safety of her fellow witches so they try to trick her. Madison finally shows Fiona that she’s alive and well, convincing the deteriorating Fiona that she’s the new Supreme. Shadows play such a huge element in this scene as Madison attacks Fiona with her words. The blow gets worse as Myrtle also reveals herself and gives her the extra push to commit suicide. Myrtle gives Fiona the idea that her new lover, The Axeman (Danny Huston) will not stay with her until the end. This is an end that Fiona knows might be possible and she agrees to kill herself. With a mouth full of pills Fiona lays on her deathbed awaiting the end, until the ghost of Spalding appears by her side. Now that he’s dead, Spalding is able to speak perfectly and still takes his duties seriously. He tells Fiona that this is all a clever way to get her to commit suicide. Spalding’s still trying to protect her like the loyal pooch he is. As the girls patiently wait, Nan ponders the idea of herself being the next Supreme. However, her fellow witches don’t find this likely. This upsets Nan, and she leaves the mansion to go to Luke’s (Alexander Dreymon) house, where he’s tied up in a closet. Apparently Kyle isn’t not the only one with mommy issues.
Meanwhile, in the voodoo territory, Delphine is still captive and still has the sympathy of Queenie who brings her some fast food. Delphine pleads for Queenie to show mercy on her as Marie arrives, telling Queenie not to feed the animals. Delphine is begging to be tortured, taunting Marie and gloating how she can’t be hurt. Marie doesn’t care much as she severs Delphine’s hand. However, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as she hoped it would be.
Nan and Luke are about to run away together as Luke’s mother Joan (Patti LuPone) calls the police on Nan, saying she’s armed and dangerous. As Luke finally declares his independence, Joan is shot through the window, and so is Luke as he tries to protect Nan. The shooter is not revealed in this episode. Back at the Coven Fiona shows the witches that she is not going out that easily, but her moment of triumph is interrupted as they all notice that Misty is missing. Misty wondered across the street to Joan’s house where she lays dead, as her son is rushed to the hospital. Misty looks over Joan with Fiona as police come over to interfere. Fiona uses her magic hands to make them forget about the fact the witches don’t belong there. Fiona does this so Misty can bring Joan back to life. Fox examines the bullet outside and sees a blurry image of the shooter.
Zoe returns to Kyle, who has eagerly awaited her arrival so he can finally speak to her. He says: “This road goes two ways,” and then sweetly; “I love you.” Zoe reciprocates the love as a devastated Madison listens from the outside.
Photo's courtesy of FX
Photo’s courtesy of FX
The Next morning, Fox and Fiona are in the kitchen. Fiona actually looks like she’s glowing for once. Fiona admires her daughter for trying to kill her, and is very proud of her. They actually begin to bond over the events of last night. Their sweet moment ends as they address the silver bullet Fox found last night at the crime scene. This is interrupted though as the doorbell rings. A package has arrived. Fiona brings the mysterious box into the mansion. The package contains the head of Delphine, still alive and screaming.

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