Audrey Whitby on The Thundermans, Her Dream Job, and Advice For Young Actors

Alyssa Audrey Taylor ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Audrey Whitby. Photo Credit: Kenneth Dolin.
Audrey Whitby. Photo Credit: Kenneth Dolin.

Emertainment Monthly was lucky enough to be able to interview Audrey Whitby, who is an up and coming actress who’s been involved with Disney Channel, Awesomeness TV and is currently starring in Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans as Cherry. Whitby is an exciting bubbly girl who definitely has a great career ahead of her.

Check out our interview with Whitby about working with Disney Channel, her advice for young actors and what her dream job would be.

How did you get involved with Awesomeness TV?

I was on so random and Brian Ross who was the executive producer on So Random created Awesomeness TV and told me about it, it was really just through knowing people and having good relationships with them.

What it’s like working with the IMO Girls?

We’re so close, it’s less like work and more like fun, like talking with your best friends, it really is a blast.

I loved Hipster Cinderella [a skit on Awesomeness TV].How did Hipster Cinderella came about? Was it your idea?

It was not my idea, it was one of the awesome writers. I’ve written Clique, a Kanye West parody. But yeah I saw the script for it, and I loved it, and I just had to do it, and it came out really well. I love it.

What was it like working for Disney?

It’s a great outlet, especially for kids my age. There’s no other place really for kids comedy. It’s great working for Disney, such a positive environment. Working on Dog with a Blog was awesome because when we film it, Stephen, the voice of Stan would actually act like a dog and do tons of funny things while we were working.

How’s it like working with Nickelodeon?

I love The Thundermans, it’s my favorite set by far. I’ve always said “you’ll love your job as long you love the people”, and I love the cast, it’s great.

What would be your advice to kids who want to be in acting?

It took me a long time, shorter time than most people. Be smart, take the right classes, be outspoken, have the right support system, be passionate about it, have a tough skin and most importantly go after what you want.

Is there a major difference between the networks? Are you planning on working with Disney anytime soon?

Not a major difference between the networks. I love what I do and it doesn’t matter where I work. It’s the people are what make the atmosphere. They’re similar in how they do things, similar shooting schedules. Like I said earlier, the difference isn’t with the networks, it’s with the casts. I still audition for Disney, but no immediate plans to go back to them

Do you have your own Youtube Channel?

I do have my own youtube where I normally play the ukulele. It’s a great a beginners instrument, has four strings, and as long as you can read chords it should be easy. it’s easy that’s why I like it so much.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

[I] stole from J.Biebs – if he could snap his fingers and be anywhere, he could be more productive… but I would use it so I can sleep more, and then snap my fingers and be where I need to be.

What would be your dream show to work on?

I would love to play Amy Poehler’s mini me on Parks and Recreation because she’s the best in comedy, and I feel I could learn a lot from her.

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