The Twenty One Pilots Rock Out The Paradise Rock Club

Max Cherry ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

The sold out Paradise Rock Club is packed to the brim with anxious, makeup-covered fans. The second you walk in, you can see everyone fighting for a spot in line. Everyone scrambles to edge their way against the stage, so close the performers could drip beads of sweat on their faces.

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As the lights go down, the crowd pushes together and the club shakes with anticipation. When the duo emerges, they take the stage like no other sane band: synchronized whirlwinds of backflips, air kicks, and karate chops. That’s when you know you didn’t pay to listen to the same tracks you have on your iPod. You paid to see a show. You paid to see Twenty One Pilots.

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There wasn’t a moment all night when the crowd quieted to a hush. The crowd jumped up and down, moshes formed, chants and lyrics were shouted at the top of people’s lungs. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the masterminds behind the music, punctuated their setlist with costume changes, stand-up comedy, more amateur kung fu, moving speeches, and ambitious bouts of crowd surfing, where they stood on wooden boards which were held up by the audience.

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