American Horror Story: Coven Review: Finale

James Canellos ’17 /Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
Another year, another story comes to an end in tonight’s farewell to the Coven. While tonight’s finale of the adventures of New Orleans witches was interesting, the finale still left me slightly dissatisfied. As Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) try to find out who the next Supreme could be, it was hard to be that invested or care too much.  In the end, it was Cordelia who would become the next Supreme.

Photos Courtesy of FX
Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Gabourey Sidibe, Emma Roberts and Frances Conroy in the American Horror Story: Coven episode “The Seven Wonders.” Photo Credit: Michele K. Short / FX.
Despite the fact that Cordelia wasn’t even considered a candidate to be the Supreme, it wasn’t that shocking to see the daughter of Fiona (Jessica Lange) and the woman who gained the ability to see the secrets of others over the season get the title. What was bothersome was how she all of a sudden got her sight back for the second time out of no where. There shouldn’t be too many complaints, because her eyes had become very creepy, but it still wasn’t really addressed how it happened. The creators also failed to also wrap up a story arc that was one of the most interesting. Previously, we saw Spalding (Denis O’Hare) embracing a stolen infant and in this episode it’s never said what happened to said infant. Spalding pops up in the episode, but never mentions the child, so it was a little annoying not getting any resolution or back story to that segment.
Despite all the dark themes and story lines, this episode turned out to be the least depressing ending for a season. It was pretty funny for the most part. The opening music video was really well done, and felt like it belongs on MTV somewhere as the young witches try to perform the seven wonders. The best part was when the girls were going to hell briefly and then returning to say what they saw. It was hilarious that Madison’s (Emma Roberts) idea of hell was being on NBC’s live version of The Sound of Music.
Sarah Paulson in the American Horror Story: Coven episode "The Seven Wonders." Photo Credit: Michele K. Short / FX.
Sarah Paulson in the American Horror Story: Coven episode “The Seven Wonders.” Photo Credit: Michele K. Short / FX.
While the jokes were on point, the season also wrapped in a nice way and didn’t forget that the theme of the season was sisterhood. Those who have the best intentions have finally made it out alive, while the wicked at last got their just deserts. Looks like Madison is going to be starring in The Sound of Music for all of eternity, simultaneously as Fiona’s soul withers away with The Axeman (Danny Huston) in a nice little place in the country.
Fiona has rarely been tender in this season, but her final farewell to Cordelia was both nerve racking and touching. The fear that this woman will kill her own daughter gave their final scene the tensest feeling ever. The final scenes did give me a case of deja vu though, as in season 2 Sarah Paulson’s character is also interviewed for a news story about the events of the season. Asylum also left Paulson alive in the end, as the last member of her family died before her eyes. Similarities like these don’t give the show that same original feeling as it initially gave off. Here’s hoping next season’s setting and characters bring something new to the table.

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