Have A Very Broadway Valentine’s Day

Kylie Kirk ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

This Valentines day, whether you’re single or with someone, the best way to celebrate is with some of Broadway’s best tunes!


If you’re lucky enough to be seeing someone on this day of love, Broadway has some of the greatest love songs that you can share with your partner today.

1. “Ten Minutes Ago” – Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

“In the arms of my love I’m flying

Over mountain and meadow and glen”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:51tjHapyuzh9zNX2ND01g6″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /] “Ten Minutes Ago” pinpoints that moment of realizing the love you have, something you and your partner can remember fondly and think about the prospects of making more memories together.

2. “Elaborate Lives” – Aida

I just want to be with you

Now and forever, peaceful, true”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:7fPMKW5szBTd3U3JvCtfEg” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

Ah, forbidden love! Two people, seemingly so perfect for each other, and yet the fates are against them. Be thankful that you don’t have to worry about things like getting killed (because that’s just about as bad as it gets!) and remember what a gift your adorable little love is.

3. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” – The Lion King

The world, for once, in perfect harmony

With all its living things”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:7zb4dWm9K6Hr4kk1pOwSDS” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

The dream is that when you fall in love, the world spins around you and everything is perfect! Today is the day for that; the entire world revolves around your relationship, so make this day as dreamy as ever.

4. “People Will Say We’re In Love” – Oklahoma!

Your eyes mustn’t glow like mine

People will say we’re in love!”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:0qUA531pdqgs3IXyJCV0K0″ width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

What a strange thing for people to say that you’re in love. Us? What? You’re crazy. If you have a weird on-again off-again relationship with someone, let this song inspire you to take today to tell him or her how to really feel. There’s no point in holding back feelings – it’s not helping either of you.

5. “The Next Ten Minutes” – The Last Five Years

There are so many dreams

I need to see with you…”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:1nge9NoFuhNnyb1y35hhuE” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

While “The Last Five Years” never made it to Broadway, it would be a crime to leave this out of the list. This song is the only time in the show in which the two characters sing together and, as a result, this scene adds to the power of their love. Even if your relationship may not be forever, make it a memorable one. You’ll be glad it happened.


While the holiday is great for some, for others the idea of Valentine’s Day can seem daunting. The idea of couples flaunting their passion, heart-shaped everything, and all of your in-a-relationship friends being preoccupied can take over a person. However, on this day of love, revel in some of Broadway’s greatest empowerment songs and remember that being single is not the end of the world.

1. “So Much Better” – Legally Blonde the Musical

“You thought I was dumb

But I think that somebody’s judgment was poor”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:3PQKkz2OUNymT5C4nh3Dfb” width=”300″ height=”380″ /] Elle Woods is the ultimate example of a powerful single woman. She understands that in order to become successful you must first become happy with yourself and reach your goals. If you find that you’re spending Valentine’s Day moping around, instead fuel those feelings into productivity!

2. “For Now” – Avenue Q

“Don’t stress,


Let life roll off your backs”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:3mXol3KLx3Q1RxVNLE1OJa” width=”300″ height=”380″ /] It’s totally okay if you’re feeling a little glum about your single status. Just remember that today is only one of 365 days! There’s more than enough time to be in a relationship, but “For Now” focus on you. Pamper yourself and have a night out with your friends, and when the fifteenth perks up in the morning, pick up a recommended dose of discounted treats.

3. “Revolting Children” – Matilda

And we won’t forget the day we fought

For the right to be a little bit naughty!

[spotify id=”spotify:track:5jb55O3h5dfOK4YMUbTb1Y” width=”300″ height=”380″ /] Elementary school children can take on adults: you can take on a holiday manufactured by card and candy companies. Belt out this tune and feel the freedom of your rebellious inner-child letting loose. This song throws you back to a time when everyone had to give you a valentine. A time when your biggest problem was picking between Power Puff Girls or SpongeBob cards for your class. Those were the days.

4. “Forget About the Boy” – Thoroughly Modern Millie

“No canary in a cage for me

This canary’s ready to fly free”

[spotify id=”spotify:track:5AOmtc34V50R1hAOshTTmD” width=”300″ height=”380″ /] Forget about them! If there’s someone you wish you were spending Valentine’s Day with, take the song’s advice and just forget them, if only for today. Who needs a partner when you have chocolate?

5. “Let It Go” – Frozen

“It’s funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small”

While this isn’t on Broadway (yet!), it should not be forgotten. Every Broadway buff could use a little Idina on this day, single or not! Just remember, Valentine’s Day is just that, a day, and when it comes down to it, all you need to do is “Let It Go.”

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