ZZ Ward To Begin "Last Love Tour"

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor
ZZ ward
Combine the soul of Adele with the sass of P!nk and who do you get? None other than the unique and supremely talented ZZ Ward.
After a successful 2013, Ward is looking forward to an even better 2014. The singer will begin her “Last Love Tour” on February 28th in Philadelphia, and will end it with two performances at the Coachella Music Festival in April. Indie pop band Grizfolk have signed on to be openers, and will accompany her on the tour.
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Ward’s tour will support her fireball debut Til the Casket Drops. The album includes her first hit, “Put the Gun Down,” a highly infectious track with a foot-tapping beat and an intriguing instrumental blend. The sultry “Cryin Wolf” features collaboration between Ward and rapper Kendrick Lamar, which proves to be pretty genius. However, Til the Casket Drops has a softer side too, as heard on “Last Love Song,” a heartbreaking acoustic ballad that’s sure to pull on the heartstrings.
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Ward has appeared on many late night television shows, including The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Call with Carson Daly, Good Morning America, and Queen Latifah. For more information on her music and tour, check out her website at www.zzward.com.
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