New Images Debut For “Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"

Adam Reynoso ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
After nearly nine years since Robert Rodriguez’s first Sin City film, Entertainment Weekly has debuted three new images from his upcoming sequel, Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly
The first image, and arguably the best, is of Jessica Alba’s Nancy Callahan. The caption with the photo goes into detail about how the character has grown since the first one, and how Alba herself has grown as an actress. This will be her fifth time working with Rodriguez. With that said, it makes sense that Rodriguez has really seen her journey in acting and has been able to see how far the actress has come and is proud to have her back in the sequel, especially with her story being one not from the comics, but instead, an original, unshelved Sin City story.
The image itself shows a different side of the character. Instead of the innocent looking Nancy from the first film, this Nancy does indeed look like a more adult character, and even the “avenging angel” Rodriguez talks about in the paragraph afterwards.
Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly
The next image depicts Mickey Rourke’s return as Marv. It simply shows him in the gloomy, rainy, black and white setting that is Sin City, as well as his shotgun in hand. His role in the next film does have a sense of mystery, especially regarding the arc of his character in the first film. But what can be said is that Marv will more than likely get into some sort of trouble and he will probably end up using that weapon from the photo.
The last, and just as intriguing as the first two images, is of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character, Johnny. The character himself is not from the comics, but is instead an original character within the story. Rodriguez states in the article that Levitt will be playing a hard-luck gambler who beat the wrong guy at poker. And of course, in the photo, Levitt’s Johnny does in fact look he’s been on the wrong side of a beating.
With the film’s release now set for the end of the summer on August 22, one can only hope for a trailer showing these characters in action, as well as footage of the rest of the Sin City world. It has been nine years in the making.    

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