David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin Teaming Up for Another Steve Jobs Biopic

George Huertas ‘15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
There may soon be a reunion between Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher. The writer of The Social Network has written a screenplay based on the late Steve Jobs for Sony Pictures, and it looks as if director Fincher may yet again direct a Sorkin screenplay.
The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fincher, coming off of his high-profile adaptation of the novel Gone Girl, may be looking to direct the Steve Jobs biopic for his next film, though official talks have yet to begin.
This will not be the first time Jobs’ life has been given the big-screen treatment. Last year saw the release of Jobs, with Ashton Kutcher playing the eponymous figure. However, Sorkin’s screenplay has an unusual structure as Sorkin has stated that he only plans to have three scenes for his screenplay. Each scene will take place before the launches of the Mac, NeXT, and iPod, respectively. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has served as a consultant for Sorkin, whose screenplay is an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s nominative book.
Sorkin will soon begin work on the third and final season of The Newsroom for HBO, while Fincher’s next project will also be a collaboration with the network, working once again work with Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. The two are adapting the British television series Utopia as a pilot for HBO.

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