Channel Spotlight: Colleen Ballinger

Serena Hohenstein ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


The Quick Facts

Name: Colleen Ballinger

Channel Name: PsychoSoprano

New Videos: Tuesday and Friday

Twitter: @ColleenB123

You may know Colleen Ballinger as her alter-ego, Miranda Sings or as her bubbly self. On her personal channel Colleen posts question and answer videos, “Colleen’s Corner,” every Tuesday and either a vlog, challenge, tag, or comedy bit every Friday. She collaborates often with her best friend, Kory, sister Rachel, and boyfriend Josh. She also features her brother, Chris, who is a magician, as well as his kids, Bailey and Jacob.

Colleen went to college for vocal performance and musical theatre, and sometimes showcases her voice in duets with her character, Miranda Sings. Colleen has a beautiful and powerful voice, which is a thrill to listen to, but she doesn’t leave comedy fans with nothing.

Colleen has a regular comedic bit she films with her best friend, Kory, called “Sam and Laybia”. They play two female arts and crafts lovers who constantly use sexual innuendos (often directed at each other) while making things like pottery, wooden spoon puppets, and tye-dye clothes. One can’t help but laugh at their absolute seriousness, and then laugh even harder during the bloopers. Here is one of their recent videos where Sam and Laybia teach you how to carve pumpkins.

As mentioned earlier, Coleen has another channel for her comedic character, Miranda Sings. Miranda is a self-obsessed girl who believes that just posting videos on YouTube will make her famous, and ironically the channel has garnered over 800,000 subscribers while Coleen’s personal channel just passed 500,000 subscribers. Although Coleen frequently makes collaboration videos on her personal channel, many of her collaborations are done in character as Miranda Sings and posted on the Miranda Sings channel. She even does live comedy shows as Miranda.

All in all, Colleen Ballinger is a quirky, always laughing, family loving, optimist who enjoys making people happy. If you ever need a pick-me-up and a smile, Colleen’s videos are highly recommended.

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