The Pixar Sequel Fans Have Been Waiting For…And "Cars 3"

George Huertas ‘16/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Still from The Incredibles. Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.
Still from The Incredibles. Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.
It’s happening. After years of promises and false starts, Cars 3 is finally gaining headway. And we’re also getting a sequel to The Incredibles.
After ten years, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at a shareholders meeting that Brad Bird, currently working on his live action Disney feature Tomorrowland, will next return to the beloved family of superheroes first introduced almost ten years ago.
Ever since 2008, there’s been an abundance of superhero films that have ridden on the success of Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and the like. However, with few exceptions, most of these films have failed to capture the same sense of wonder and beauty that The Incredibles did in 2004. It imbued a sense of nostalgia for the past, while realistically bringing the concept of heroes to the present. It was a film that truly brought the likes of comic book fans and Disney/Pixar fans under one roof.
Ever since The Incredibles release, there have been clamors and rumors of a sequel. While Brad Bird had always expressed enthusiasm for the world, he stated he didn’t want to return unless the right story came to him. As each year slipped by, and as Pixar began ratcheting up sequel after sequel, it seemed that the supposed sequel was destined to join the likes of Zemeckis’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit prequel or Stanley Kubrick‘s Son of Strangelove as something that was too good to be true.
But now, it seems that The Incredibles sequel is now closer to reality than it has been in a decade. With the new tide of superhero movies and the launch of Big Hero 6 later this year, it seems that the time has finally come for an Incredbles sequel. The only question is whether or not fans can wait for as long as it will likely take. 

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