Stephen Colbert To Replace David Letterman As "Late Show" Host

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor Stephen Colbert 2
The Late Show is getting a new – and hilarious – host. Comic political genius Stephen Colbert is set to take over the spot held by David Letterman for the last twenty years.
“Stephen Colbert is one of the most inventive and respected forces on television,” Leslie Moonves, chief executive of CBS, said in a statement. “David Letterman’s legacy and accomplishments are an incredible source of pride for all of us here, and today’s announcement speaks to our commitment of upholding what he established for CBS in late night.”
Colbert will leave behind the satirical conservative character he plays on The Colbert Report when he makes the transition to the late night post in 2015. However, fans of his persona shouldn’t be worried. Jon Stewart, who worked with him in the early days of his career on The Daily Show, is certain Colbert will not disappoint.
“He’s got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet,” Stewart says.
So what does that mean? Will we see even more political lampoons and witty media bashing on the new Late Show, or will Colbert create an entirely new alter ego? It’s too early to tell, but one thing’s for sure: whatever he does will still be funny.
“I learned more from Dave [Letterman] than I did from going to my classes [in college]… And I gotta tell you, I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair,” Colbert declared on his show the night following the announcement.
Well played, Mr. Colbert…
Here he is responding, in typical Colbert fashion, to the failed #CancelColbert campaign that was started after a tweet sent by his show’s account was misinterpreted:

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