“Dragon Age”: “Inquisition” Lands Cover Art, Release Date, and Trailer

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Dragon Age Inquisition 3

A big week for Dragon Age fans has begun and is delivering the goods. Just a day after releasing the cover art for the third installment, Inquisition, BioWare has revealed a gameplay trailer and release date.

Beginning with a narration from Cassandra, the Seeker interrogating Varric in Dragon Age II, the trailer introduces the Inquisitor as the sole survivor of a cataclysmic event that killed thousands and sent the player character into the Fade. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, with the green tear in the Veil hovering over the mountains, along with burned corpses, and Cassandra’s swiftness in hostilely reacting to the Inquisitor foreshadows struggles the player will face throughout the game.

It’s interesting to note that BioWare chose a human male as the version of the Inquisitor in the trailer. Players will also be able to choose an elf, a dwarf, or a qunari Inquisitor of either gender, but it makes sense for marketing in an industry prone to male protagonists. Regardless, the Inquisitor’s own narration speaks to him being the only one who can seal the Breach and end the plight affecting Thedas.

Dragon Age Inquisition 4

Some quick glimpses of gameplay show instances of Inquisitors of all three classes: mage, warrior, and rogue. The former is equipped with fire and lightning spells, the middle with robust swings of a two-handed blade, and the rogue doing what it does best— jumping around and even using a cool new rope dart-esque ability. These segments are quick but graphically beautiful and show a fluid combat system, though without an HUD or other indicators of what players will actually see on screen come October 7th.

There are also plenty of dragons, which may also be the same dragon with two horns, who could perhaps even be Flemeth herself. Leliana is briefly glimpsed hooded and presumably still working with Seekers, as well as the Inquisitor. Many landscapes are shown, from forest to mountains to underground cities, which the Inquisitor will explore on their quest to find out what happened and to close the Breach. Demons are shown, including the familiar pride demon with some sort of whip, and tusked giants or ogres seen in a previous trailer.

A glimpse of red lyrium infamous from Dragon Age II is spotted, as is a variety of weather afflicting the landscapes. Some horseback riding is shown, though no other mounts, and Varric Tethras, everyone’s favorite narrator and companion from the second game, has a nice quip that brings him back into our hearts. Also of note is an attack on a Grey Warden fortress, seemingly by the Inquisitor and their forces. This seems an interesting plot point, and with rumors that the Warden from the first game could possibly show up, as well as Hawke from the sequel, that set piece seems to be a likely place for it.

dragon age inquisition 2

The trailer ends with a long shot of the Inquisitor surrounded by his companions and advisors, Varric and Cassandra among them. Vivienne, an Orlesian mage, and Leliana can also be spotted, as well as Solas, an elven mage, and Iron Bull, a qunari mercenary. It seems that all nine companions are featured in this shot, as well as other NPCs presumably working as advisors to the player.

Overall, this trailer delivers just enough newness to add to the slow but steady stream of information BioWare has been releasing until the newly announced October release date. It looks as if the extra year in development time has paid off, and without having to compete with The Witcher 3 for at least a few months, it looks like this title could be one of the year’s best games. As per usual, the release date is coupled with the perfunctory pre-order DLC called “Flames of the Inquisition,” presumably giving new weapons, armor, and mounts, but not taking away from the main game.

BioWare has already revealed that there will be no release day DLC companions, unlike the first two games, and thus it looks like this pack is just an added bonus to those who will most definitely be pre-ordering the game. Here’s hoping for a super badass collector’s edition to accompany the already hotly anticipated threequel. Look for Inquisition October 7th on all last and next gen consoles, except the Wii and Wii U, and the new information BioWare will reveal over the next six months.

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