BEA 2014: Rotten Tomatoes Critics vs. Fans

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Editor

Rotten Tomatoes took to BookCon to debate the ultimate question with the fans: book to movie adaptation—which is better? Brave fans were asked to step forward and defend their opinion of book-to-movie adaptations and which was better. The actual title of the panel should have been renamed to #shotsfired and in true Emerson fashion, we’ve fashioned this article to reflect them all.

#FirstShot: Lauding the Lord of the Rings trilogy and simultaneously complaining that “Geeze, why don’t we just make fourth Hobbit movie.”

#SecondShot: Silver Lining’s Playbook the book was an emotional gut-punch, while the movie felt liked an episode of Parenthood.

#ThirdShot: “How many people actually enjoyed Kristen Stewart in Twilight?” All except five people voted “Rotten.” (#FunFact, those people were not clustered together).

#FourthShot: The live action Dr. Seuss adaptation “desecrated the book” and Michael Meyers “earned himself a special place in hell for that.”

#FifthShot: “The Da Vinci Code movie was so, so, so, so boring.”

#SixthShot: “Yeah, Divergent is just another Hunger Games ripoff.” Did anyone die-hard Tris and Four fans feel their heart break around 12:56 PM EST?

#SeventhShot: After agreeing no great Great Gatsby adaptations have been made, “Thank GOD the Salinger heirs haven’t sold the rights to Catcher in the Rye.”

#EighthShot: The Ender’s Game book was TERRIBLE, but the movie was great. The critics responded, “Yeah, no, the movie was horrendous and horrible.” I guess you were wrong!

#BonusRound: When a participant thinks that J.R.R. Tolkein helped write the script to the Lord of the Rings movies. Close kid, but don’t know how well Tolkein can type six feet under.

Emertainment Rating: Holey swiss cheese. #ShotsDefinitelyFire

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