Tennis takes the stage before HAIM

Adam Reynoso ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


Tennis opened for HAIM at the House of Blues without any warning and went straight into their set, showing their own way of performing and proving that sometimes, it’s about the music more than the performance itself.

The venue had already begun to fill up as the crowd awaited the main act, HAIM. When Tennis came on, some were unsure of who was on the stage. However, there was a majority who knew the band and sang along with the songs that they recognized. In between songs, when some fans requested songs, the singer, Alaina Moore let the audience know that they would be playing more of their newer material from their upcoming album.

With any up and coming band, there’s going to be a certain style and approach to their live performances. Having recently joined HAIM’s tour, they’ve begun to develop their own way of performing. During their set, the band mainly stuck to their instruments and played their music. It’s rare to see a show where the focus is on the music instead of the performance itself. With pop stars and bands trying to out do each other and do something over the top, it’s refreshing to see a band just let the music do the job for them. It’s reminiscent of the past when that’s what was important; not the elaborate, choreographed dancing, but the acoustics and the piano playing.

During the setlist, they played songs “Mean Street” and “Origins,” in addition to their newer material. The set as whole felt intimate, and almost as if it was a smaller, private show. It had the feel of a jam session, essentially and had no need for additional beats or crazy lights. Moore’s voice was calming and smooth, letting out each lyric with effectiveness.

It was a great way to balance the entire show in general. Tennis opened up the show for HAIM, and each band contrasted each other in a good way. Tennis was raw, intimate and calm before HAIM took the stage and rocked out with a spectacular performance of “Falling.” The band went on to go through their set and encourage the crowd to get “turnt up,” even though it was a Tuesday night. The highlight of their performance was their popular cover of Beyonce’s “XO” and their own, “Let Me Go,” that had them beating their drums and going all out.

Both bands brought their own to Boston that night, but Tennis really showed their coming into their own and exploring their ways at taking the stage. Their performance was a throwback to the jam sessions of the past. Their own music was personal and lively. It shouldn’t be long before they’re back in Boston, headlining their own tour.   

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