The Undisputed Underdogs Of Pitchfork Music Festival


Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Summertime is in full swing now and for live music fanatics, that means one thing: music festival season. This weekend, it’s time to gear up for Pitchfork Music Festival, right in the heart of Chicago. Like any good festival, Pitchfork boasts an impressive lineup featuring current buzz artists like Danny Brown and Grimes, to seasoned and well-established favorites like Neutral Milk Hotel and Giorgio Moroder.

But what about the daytime acts – the ones you maybe recognize the name of but aren’t completely sure what their music actually sounds like? We’ve got you covered with that one. In preparation for Pitchfork, Emertainment Monthly broke down the lineup and figured out which artists are an absolute must-see. So read on, listen to a few tracks, and get ready to plan the most killer Pitchfork schedule you’ve ever seen.


Factory Floor // 4:15 // Blue Stage

I could try to describe this post-punk trio’s music with words, but it would ultimately fail because sometimes music surpasses any and all possible descriptive vocabulary. I can, however, tell you that Factory Floor creates driving, minimalist electronic music that is roughly two parts acid house, one part intelligent dance music, and three parts ridiculously crazy in the best possible way. Start your day off with their set and let Factory Floor get you properly amped for the rest of the festival.

Neneh Cherry with Rocketnumbernine  // 4:35 //  Green Stage

Pitchfork has always been known for booking up-and-coming artists with distinct sounds, and Neneh Cherry is no exception. The Swedish singer has dabbled in everything from punk to hip-hop to dance and pop music, and her eclectic discography alone justifies checking out her set. This weekend marks the second time Neneh Cherry has ever performed live in the U.S., making her the indisputable wildcard act to catch on Friday.

Sun Kil Moon // 6:25 // Green Stage

Are you trying to rest and rally before heading out to Giorgio Moroder and Beck on Friday? Then look no further than Sun Kil Moon’s melancholy melodies, arguably the best soundtrack for sitting in Union Park’s field and enjoying the company of friends and other festival-goers. Let the singer/songwriter’s tunes drift peacefully over you in the evening dusk and relax a bit; after a day of dancing, you deserve it.


Twin Peaks // 1:00 // Green Stage

Sometimes, the best acts are the openers and Twin Peaks is the perfect example of this. The band’s summer tinged, punky surfer rock is the only excuse you need to get to Pitchfork early on Saturday. To top it all off, they’re a local band and what’s better than supporting a local band in a city as proud of its own as Chicago? Answer: nothing.

Cloud Nothings // 3:20 // Red Stage

Tight rhythms and surging melodies are the defining characteristics that set Cloud Nothings apart from all other pop-punk bands. While the band sounds like they’re straight out of a cramped basement show, I have complete faith that their tunes will translate nicely to a bigger stage in the open air at Pitchfork.

FKA Twigs // 7:45 // Blue Stage

There’s no denying Pitchfork puts a lot of thought into matching each performer with the right stage. If you doubt this for a second, look to FKA Twigs’ evening set at the Blue Stage as proof. The singer and producer’s haunting electronic lullabies will no doubt drift through the stage’s canopy of trees and perfectly compliment the sun as it slowly begins to set in the summer haze.


Perfect Pussy // 1:55 // Blue Stage

After two days of careful planning, Sunday is the day to let loose and I firmly believe that there is no better way to let loose than getting drenched in strangers’ beer under the heat of the pulsing afternoon sun in a punk rock mosh pit. Enter Perfect Pussy, whose expertly curated brand of fuzzy punk will definitely amp you up and get you ready to take on the last day of the festival.

Isaiah Rashad // 2:50 // Blue Stage

Sunday definitely features the most eclectic mix of music, with a handful of great rappers rounding out the lineup. Isaiah Rashad is perhaps the most underrated of the lot; his tracks are defined by skillfully mixed beats and lyrical, thought provoking verses. Providing an auditory bridge between the festival’s indie bands and the more straightforward rappers like Schoolboy Q, Rashad is sure to impress.

DJ Spinn  // 6:45 // Blue Stage

Another great Chicago artist, DJ Spinn is a staple in the city’s unique juke, footwork, and ghetto house scenes. His tracks are undeniably tight, pushed forward by throbbing beats that assault your ears in the best possible way and make it nearly impossible not to dance around to.

With so many great artists on this year’s lineup, these nine acts are only the tip of the musical iceberg that is Pitchfork Music Festival. Let us know which acts you are most excited for in the comments below. Or if you can’t physically make it out to the festival this year, stream your favorite artists online and make sure to keep an eye on Emertainment Monthly for our coverage of the festival all weekend long.

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