Chicago Comic Con: Geek on the Spot with Aaron Sagers

Maya Dinerstein ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Geek on the Spot was, in essence, a chance for congoers to come try out some improv with a geeky theme. Guided by one of Chicago ComedySportz’s own, 2-3 audience members were selected, given a scenario and let free to play out the situation.
The first involved the Earl of Lemongrab (Adventure Time), Link (Legend of Zelda) and the 14th incarceration of the Doctor (Doctor Who) all deciding where to go in the TARDIS.
All the Earl wanted was something to eat, while Link sought out bushes to cut down. The Doctor seemed to be overall confused.
The second scenario featured Harley Quinn (Batman/DC) and Megatron (Transformers) who went for what turned out to be a date at a park.
The two ended up happy to crush people they disliked, together.
Next, Aquaman, with the aid of her PR man, Highway-Guy, interviewed Powdered-Toast girl for the position of sidekick, since Aqualad was just not working out.
As it turned out, Highway-Guy was smitten with Aquaman, but couldn’t replace her sidekick since she shared his infatuation, but the world could never know. It was a weakness Aquaman couldn’t risk.
After that, Charlotte played the dating game with Sonic the Hedgehog (obsessed with speed and collecting gold rings) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
But in the end if was Patrick Stewart who “made it so” by reading Charlotte’s mind and coming up with all the right answers.
Lastly was a quick game of Dr. Know-It-All, featuring Aaron Sagers himself.
In case you were wondering, Dr. Know-it-All likes to “Listen to moaning” in their spare time.
For being improvised on the spot, the panel was hilarious and elicited laughs for the entirety of the 45 minutes. For an end of the day panel, Geek on the Spot made an excellent close to Day 2 of Wizard World Chicago.
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