OK Go Brings Down The House At Boston's Paradise Rock Club

Casey Hudacko ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Casey Hudacko/Emertainment Monthly.
Casey Hudacko/Emertainment Monthly.
In front of a sold out crowd at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club, OK Go put forth a show that did not disappoint.  There are not many shows that were as truly entertaining as this. What ever expectations the crowd might have had going into it, the expectations were completely blown away. The crowd left the venue hyped up and happy.
They opened the show with a mesh screen in front of the stage displaying a video of clips from well known movies such as The Breakfast Club and Bridesmaids. The screen then dropped and the band started off with a fast-paced song that immediately shocked me.
The band, who released a new LP a few weeks ago played a great mixture of their new music and they’re classics that they’re known for.  Chances are that you’ve probably heard their songs “Here it Goes Again” and “This Too Shall Pass”, but these songs as with their others were way better live than on the album.  Although the lead singer, Damian Kulash, uses auto-tune on their records, it must be an artistic choice because he really doesn’t need it.  His vocals shined and the harmonies from bassist, Tim Norwood and guitarist Andy Ross were on point.  The crowd was hyped up for their popular songs such as “This Too Shall Pass” and “Get Over It.”  People jumped around and sang along, and the band seemed just as excited as the crowd was.

Throughout the show, the band kept mentioning how they are a bunch of nerds and that really showed.  Kulash took out his phone at one point and used a music recording app to record the audience stomping and clapping.  Using that, he created a song with the audience.
Later in the show, Kulash stepped off the stage for “campfire time” as he called it, in which he stepped into the center of the audience and sang an acoustic song.  During the song, a girl next to him was taking a selfie with him and he stopped the song to explain his confusion with the concept of a “selfie.”
For their encore, they finished with their most popular song “Here It Goes Again” in which he invited about a dozen people who were close to the stage to join him on stage and dance along to the song.

Through the ridiculous amounts of confetti, and through the joking and laughter that came from the band, and through the truly amazing show, this band has gained another fan.  This show was much more than a concert, but an experience that was exciting and enjoyable.  If OK Go is ever in the area again, you should definitely check them out, because it’s worth it.

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