What's Up, Mother Monster? Lady Gaga Covers 4 Non Blondes Classic

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Editor
Don’t even try to tell me you don’t screech out every “heeeeeeyyyyy yeeeeeaaah yeeeeeeahh yeeeeeeah” whenever you hear this song.

“What’s Up?” is a 90s staple. It came from 1992’s Bigger, Better, Faster, More!, the first (and last) album released by 4 Non Blondes. And twelve years later, it remains huge. The Linda Perry-fronted band’s only hit has recently found its way back into the glorious spotlight it still deserves thanks to Lady Gaga.
We’re not really used to hearing Gaga sing rock hits, but then again, what are we used to Gaga doing? She did just collaborate on a jazz album, titled Cheek to Cheek, with Tony Bennett, after all.  She’s completely unpredictable, yet nearly everything she does turns out beautifully because she can really sing.
When her artRave stopped in Vienna this week, Gaga put her vocal chops to work and belted out her own rendition of “What’s Up?” It’s a tough song to tackle, as many of us have probably figured out while trying to sing it in the shower. But Gaga nails it. She starts out soft before allowing the emotion and power of the song to completely envelope her. Then the performance becomes physical as she passionately thrashes around the stage. She belts, coos, and then growls – REALLY growls – her way through the verses before slowing her thrash to a walk. When she is finished, she looks exhausted but victorious as she gestures to the thrilled fans in true Lady Gaga fashion.
The throaty growls are slight overkill – seriously, I’m not sure how her vocal cords didn’t bust – but something about them is still so alluring. They leave me hoping Gaga will soon bless us with another rock cover. And who knows? Given her aforementioned unpredictability, she just might.

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