Theaters of Boston You Should Pay Attention To

Andi Velazquez ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Huntington Theater Company

The dramatic world is an important one. That is why the real world requires places like the Huntington Theater Company. Founded in 1982 by Boston University, Huntington Theater Company has presented over 192 plays in the last three decades. The company displays professional theater featuring artists from all sorts of theatrical backgrounds, which explains their well-deserved Regional Theater Tony Award win in 2013. Huntington Theater Company is a “national leader in the development of new plays” because the theater supports local writers ( It also houses an impressive and diverse education/community program. Finally, the company has used the Stanford Calderwood Pavilion since 2004 to support local theater communities.

Company One Theater

Performance can engage audiences in current issues, introduce them to new cultures and ideas through storytelling, and create memorable experiences. Company One, with its highly ambitious philosophy that mixes artistic excellence with admirable values, has managed to create a community of artists interested in making meaningful connections with their audiences. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for its work, such as Elliot Norton and IRNE awards. Currently in their 16th season, the company stands strong with productions like The Displaced Hindu Gods Trilogy and Colossal.

Hub Theater Company

This non-profit performing arts organization represents just how intimate and personal theater can be. John Geoffrion and Lauren Elias co-founded the theater after impressive and extensive training and participation in the dramatic sphere. They now work as the theater’s Artistic Director and Managing Director, respectively. Their company aims at being as inclusive, diverse, and entertaining as it can be. They feature a very unique payment method they like to call “Pay What You Can.” The system attempts to break down the economic barrier that prevents audiences from attending theatrical performances by allowing audiences to choose how much they wish to pay for a show. On their website,, the Hub Theater Company houses guidelines people can use to determine how much they could pay. How can one not love such an innovative approach to theater?

Boston Theater Company

Someone has to protect the classics while making them approachable to wide modern audiences. Thankfully, Boston has a theater company that explicitly states in their mission statement they are working at “preserving the messages and historical language of classical scripts while approaching them in a contemporary way” ( An example of their classical work would be this season’s Much Ado About Nothing. The highly trained and talented cast and crew definitely provide a fresh perspective for modern-day Bostonians.

New Repertory Theater

The New Repertory Theater (NewRep) has the “rep” every theater should have. Throughout its lifetime of 30 years, there has been a vast array of productions, ranging from popular shows like Sweeney Todd and Waiting for Godot to thought-provoking productions like The Whipping Man. With such incredible work, the theater has earned 21 Elliot Norton Awards and 40 IRNE Awards. Moreover, New Rep is heavily focused on supporting and developing new plays to add more wonderful masterpieces to the history of American Theater. The company also provides an education program that brings theater to students and underserved communities as well as classes for performers of all levels.

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