Echosmith Shows Fans Some Love at the Middle East

Alexandra Kowal ’14 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


The line for Echosmith’s concert on November 16th stretched alongside the venue and around the corner. Fans patiently waited in the cold in the hopes of getting a good spot inside. Due to the large demand, the show was moved from the Middle East Upstairs to the Middle East Downstairs to accommodate concertgoers.

Madi Diaz took the stage before the Echosmith. She played for about forty-five minutes and her songs created a very mellow atmosphere in the room. Diaz has a strong voice and a calm, friendly demeanor. After her set, the vocalist met fans at her merchandise table.

Then, the chanting began. “Echosmith! Echosmith!” The excitement in the room was palpable. Finally, the musicians arrived onstage – Graham, Noah, and Jamie Sierota – followed by lead singer, Sydney Sierota. They began to play amidst wild cheering.

The band performed many songs, including their single, “Come Together.” Fans who knew the song joined in to sing along to the upbeat anthem. Later, the band slowed down with “Tell Her You Love Her” – a beautiful, romantic ballad. Sydney urged people to hold someone they loved if they were with them. The band also did a few covers, which were well received.

Finally, it was time for the song everyone was waiting for, Echosmith’s hit single, “Cool Kids.” Sydney explained that the inspiration from the song largely came from personal experience – don’t we all wish that we could be like the cool kids? – and it’s true that the lyrics are tremendously relatable. The band also described “Cool Kids” as life changing and thanked their fans for listening.

The show was dynamic and energy was high throughout the night. Although the members of Echosmith are fairly young, they managed to command a room like seasoned performers. The four siblings are extremely charismatic and all have a great stage presence. They also love to interact with their fans, whether it’s taking pictures of them during the show or meeting them afterwards. The concert was even streamed on Yahoo Live! so that people who couldn’t physically make it could still see the show. Plus, Echosmith stayed at the venue until they had met, talked to, and took a picture with every fan waiting. They seem to really appreciate their fans and the support they’ve received from them.

If you’re not already listening to this band, start listening. It’s likely that they’re only going to get more popular as time goes on. Hopefully, they continue to thrive because they really are cool kids.

Echosmith will return to Boston this spring to perform at The Paradise Rock Club on March 1st, 2015.

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