A Bunch of Underachieving Zombies

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Photo Editor

“Who all here smokes weed?” AK of The Underachievers yelled into the crowd. The sea of people in front of him erupted and shirts started to come off. “Well, give me something to smoke then,” AK responded as he crossed his arms.

The people of Paradise Rock Club immediately started throwing joints and lighters onto the stage.

David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.

Security was on high alert the entire night, no pun intended. The Underachievers and headliners, Flatbush Zombies drew the most wild fans I’ve ever seen.

People were taking their clothes off, crowd surfing, lighting up blunts, throwing bodies and at one point even throwing punches, but I’ll get to that later.

My night started as I walked in to get my press ticket only to find a drunk employee of the Rock Club being kicked out for being too hammered and attempting to pee behind the bar. He wouldn’t leave because it was raining and his shoes “disappeared.”

The Underachievers rolled up onto the stage spreading an energy that shook the floor, literally. I stood in the balcony for the first part of the show and could feel the ground quake beneath me. My knees vibrated and the signs on the walls rattled.

David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.

As The Underachievers left the stage and the crowd began to smash closer into the guard rails trying to reach the hands of the Flatbush Zombies.

The security guards had to hold the railing up as it started to collapse into the stage. At this point I was told to leave the photo pit.

A bearded Zombie Juice made his way to the stage covering his face with a skull bandana. He grabbed a mic and like a circus ringleader announced the rest of his zombies. Erick Arc knelt quietly by the DJ booth waiting for his name. Meechy Darko then entered in silence with just his outstretched arms opened to the crowd, soaking in the stage lights and the screams of the sweat-soaked fans.

David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.

It wasn’t until about halfway through the show that some drunk kid climbed onto the stage and immediately started fighting the zombies. Meechy, Eric and Juice fought back and the security guards swarmed the stage. The lights were brought up and the music stopped as a pile of people rolled around on the floor as limbs flew.

David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly.

After all of the other stuff I’d seen that night, I wasn’t sure if this were a common occurrence or not.

Meechy grabbed a mic and addressed the crowd. My editors will probably have to take out any of the actual words Meechy said, so for print purposes he basically said “we’re gonna keep performing.”

He then jumped into the crowd and the music continued.

The show ended with Clockwork Indigo, the supergroup collaboration of Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers.

The crowd dispersed at the last song to expose a floor covered in wet shirts, missing shoes, lighters and crunched up joints.

The Zombies and Underachievers will be in New York at the end of December before heading out overseas next year.

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  1. word there i am in 2nd picture, that shit was insane.. i almost got thrown on stage and security thought i was trying to get on stage they were about to kick me out when then dj with the beard came over and said not to and that it wasn’t my fault. Didn’t need to be on any type of drugs when seeing these gods perform live. Their vibes and energy alone was enough to put you into a different dimension. One Love. 47

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