The Top Ten YouTube Love Songs

Lily Rugo ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Couples looking for “our song” may not be happy with the Top 40 choices of the radio, but luckily YouTube is brimming with talented singer songwriters who love to sing about love. Here are our Top 10 original YouTube love songs for Valentine’s Day (EDITOR’S NOTE: whether that means celebrating with a significant other or sobbing into a bowl of ramen is up to you)!

1. David Choi – By My Side

A fan favorite Valentine’s Day song, it’s perfect for a slow dance, background music to a homemade dinner, or sappy dedication.

2. Clara C – Fish

Clara C wrote this song for her husband and also the happiness of finding your “fish” in the sea. It’s the perfect slow song for listening or a romantic dance.

3. Tyler Ward – Some Kind of Beautiful (Ft. Lindsey Sterling)

Another great YouTube collaboration, Sterling’s violin adds beautifully to Ward’s voice and gives the song a certain folksy sound. It’s light, easy to dance to, and also super cute.

4. Chester See – God Damn You’re Beautiful

One of See’s most popular, though older, songs, “God Damn You’re Beautiful” hardly needs a lot of introduction. Just sitting and listening to it is enough, but dancing is also encouraged.

5. Kina Grannis – My Dear

A Kina Grannis original, this was written for her now husband. Their personal wedding footage makes up the music video. Watching the music video, you can feel and hear her happiness and love.

6. Sam Tsui – Bring Me the Night (Ft. Kina Grannis)

A great song for those in a long-distance relationship, it talks about how the night will finally reunite the couple in-between good-byes. Tsui and Grannis complement one another beautifully on top of the Tsui’s piano skills.

7. Jon D – Pull Me In

A story style love song, its simplicity and softness recreates the romance of the couple’s how we met story.

8. Dave Days – Olive You (Ft. Kimmi Smiles)

Though an older song from Dave Days, the too cheesy play on words are still just as sweet. The two voices are a nice collaboration and compliment each other nicely.

9. Tiffany Alvord – I Knew You Were the One

This upbeat song from Alvord has all the warm fuzzies of Valentine’s Day, and the bright music video adds to its bright, fun tempo.

10. Alex Goot – The Real You

Although the story isn’t your traditional love song, the feelings he has for the girl and his appreciation for “the real you” are what’s important on Valentine’s Day.

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