Secret Someones Rev Up the Paradise Rock Club

Julia Steele ‘17 | Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Julia Steele / Emertainment Monthly
Julia Steele / Emertainment Monthly

Secret Someones’ set at the Paradise Rock Club was short, yet still captivated their crowd. As the first of three bands to go on that night, they jumpstarted the energy, opening with the title track from their I Won’t Follow EP. The song is a perfect opener with fierce vocals and a catchy guitar riff giving way to shredding guitars and poetic lyrics. By the time the chorus kicks in, the audience is captivated by the night’s opener.

Secret Someones doesn’t have one frontman, as many bands traditionally do. Hannah Winkler, Bess Rogers, and Lelia Broussard share lead vocals while also playing the keyboards, guitar, and bass. Drummer Zach Jones contributes to harmonies is well, but it is the ladies of Secret Someones that take the lead. On their second song of the night, Lelia takes vocals on “Let You Go” a track that is not on their EP but will hopefully be on their upcoming full album.

Next, the band played some tracks that can’t be found on their EPs, but that didn’t mean the crowd full of fans and new admirers alike didn’t enjoy the tune. The songs were upbeat, and almost sounds like a spy movie theme at first. The band opens the song with synchronized head movements, showing the lady-rockers are equal parts cute and playful as well as hard-rocking and serious.

Perhaps the most hard-rocking moment of their whole set, the band’s cover of Nirvana’s “Breed” brought the house down. The harmonies that Winkler, Rogers, and Broussard pull out during that song are nothing short of awesome, their crystal vocals contrasting with three shredding guitars dueling with each other–the effect is incredible.

A song fans of the band had probably never heard before closed the Secret Someones performance. “Head First,” a more electronic song for the band, changed the vibe of their set a bit. The song still has those great vocals the band is becoming known for, but isn’t as heavy on the guitars. “Head First” left the room on its feet, closing out the set with a great new tune that fans can hope to hear on upcoming album.

After Little Daylight and Jukebox the Ghost rocked their respective sets, the guys of Jukebox invited both bands back on stage to play a cover of “Walk Like an Egyptian” they had recorded with Secret Someones earlier in their tour. The stage was packed with energy as members of all three bands put their all into the night’s closer, leaving the people of the Paradise on a high note.

Julia Steele / Emertainment Monthly
Julia Steele / Emertainment Monthly
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