Bond Is Back With A First Look At 'Spectre'

Shannon O’Connor ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Craig‘s James Bond is back and looking more tortured than ever.
In the nearly minute and a half teaser trailer for Spectre released today by Sony Pictures, viewers get a glimpse at the direction the new Bond film is taking, although the majority of the plot still remains a mystery. The teaser also gives audiences their first look at the latest Bond villain – Christoph Waltz – who according to the trailer has a (probably not-so-good) past with the titular character. Although Ralph Fiennes‘ M and Ben Whishaw‘s Q were no where to been seen in the teaser, one familiar face could be seen in Naomie Harris‘ Eve Moneypenny who popped up in the first few seconds.
With Skyfall director Sam Mendes and screenwriter John Logan back at the helm, Spectre looks just as thrilling and dark as its predecessor.
Spectre is expected to hit theaters November 6, 2015.
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