Lachlan West of The Griswolds on Touring with Walk the Moon

Casey Hudacko ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


This weekend, The Griswolds are taking the stage at the House of Blues as they open for Walk the Moon.  The band is headed by vocalist Christopher Whitehall with Daniel Duque-Perez on guitar/synth and bassist Tom John.

Emertainment Monthly spoke with drummer Lachlan West about the band and their tour with Walk the Moon.

So give us a little bit of history. When did the band form?

About three and a half years ago.  We were all playing with other bands in Sydney and decided to get together and form The Griswolds.

What are your musical influences as a band?

We all have pretty varied tastes. Dan loves hip hop and he’s really into Drake. I like the Police and Van Halen. We actually all love metal and we have a tradition called ‘Metal Shirt Monday’ and we all wear shirts of metal bands that we like.

So you guys have been touring with Walk the Moon recently. How’s that going?

It’s awesome! They have a really positive fanbase and everyone is willing to watch and the audience gives off such good vibes.

Finally, the big question: what’s next for The Griswolds? Anything new or exciting coming up in the future?

Well, after we finish up the tour with Walk the Moon we’re going to Europe – I guess a world tour! We’re going across Europe and then back to the states for a bit with our headline tour.

The Griswolds will be at the House of Blues April 11th supportingWalk the Moon.  If you weren’t able to snag tickets for that, don’t worry, they’ll be back again! The Griswolds will be stopping by the Brighton Music Hall on June 16th  for what is surely going to be a fantastic live performance.

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