The Griswolds Set the Stage for Walk the Moon

Casey Hudacko ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Casey Hudacko / Emertainment Monthly
Casey Hudacko / Emertainment Monthly

Last week at the House of Blues, The Griswolds took the stage, opening for Walk the Moon.  The four-piece indie band played in front of a sold out crowd that was extremely lively and energetic.

The Griswolds have quite a fan base here in Boston, as evidenced by the many people who knew their music and were excited to hear it live.  They put on a fantastic live performance as they played a handful of their hits. Hearing the band’s music on their album is nothing compared to the live show that they put on. The energy they put out gets the crowd going and their music has so much more depth in a live setting.

The band played their song “Mississippi” that had people bobbing up and down in the crowd and saying from side to side.  Many people turned their heads to the people around them and nodded up and down in approval of their performance.

Later on, they played “If You Wanna Stay,” and if the crowd wasn’t hooked already, they sure were after this song.  The crowd started jumping up and down and by the end of the song, everyone was screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

Arguably their most popular song, “Beware the Dog,” was also a huge hit with the crowd at the House of Blues.  During this song, people were throwing their hands up in the air on queue and screaming “Woo!” along with the song.

The band comes from Sydney, Australia but I think after this show, they are going to have a larger fan base in the Boston area.  As an opening band, it’s sometimes difficult to get people to care about your music and get really engaged in the performance, but The Griswolds definitely had the audience captivated.  The Griswolds, after their tour with Walk the Moon, will be starting their headline world tour that will probably include some stops in the northeast.  If they come around this area again, definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

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