Hey Rosetta! Jams on a Small Stage

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly
David Weiner / Emertainment Monthly

Great Scott is an odd venue. It’s a decent sized bar with lots of space to belly up and drink, but just beyond the bar is an area that funnels into a tiny, poorly lit stage with less standing room than an Allston kitchen. On this stage, the large, layered Hey Rosetta! huddled together to perform one of the most beautiful, well rehearsed sets I think I’ve ever heard.

On a stage small enough to make a 3-piece band feel claustrophobic, 7-piece, Hey Rosetta! made that little stage their nest. Their many instruments poked out every which way as if woven together. Each song of their set was another golden egg.

The band is on tour to perform tunes off their latest album, Second Sight, which is full of rich harmonies and pure vocals, the perfect driving album.

In the back of the venue was the band’s tour manager mixing the audio during the performance. He absolutely nailed it. I could hear every perfectly pitched lyric that Tim Baker sang, making for an incredible live performance.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this band live. They bring soul and a genuine musical talent to any stage they set foot on and will leave you more than satisfied.

Check out Emertainment‘s interview with Tim Baker here. 

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