‘Supernatural’ Review: “Angel Heart”

Emily Dunbar ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

There’s nothing a Supernatural fan loves more than sweet, sweet continuity. Whether it be within a single season’s arc, or across several seasons, following a demon/angel/mysterious death plot line to its completion is one of the most satisfying feelings there is for a fan. This week’s episode, “Angel Heart,” brought closure to seasons upon seasons of question marks. And it was awesome.

Claire Novak (portrayed this season by Kathryn Love Newton) is no stranger to season ten of Supernatural. She’s been integral in highlighting the issues Castiel (Misha Collins) has in maintaining his relationships, forcing him to consider the consequences of his actions. Plus, Claire is a major badass, willing and ready to do whatever it takes to get where she needs to be, while never forgetting who helped her get there. In this episode, we saw some real character development for Claire, and it was a beautiful sight.

Photo Credit: EW
Photo Credit: EW

Based on the last time we saw her, there was really no way of knowing how Claire would react to seeing the angel who ripped her family apart and the brothers who helped him do it. When they show up after she gets hurt, she’s bitter, of course, but also clearly touched that Cas would make a point of coming to check on her. Throughout the episode, Claire also makes quite meaningful connections with both Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively). Sam respects her wishes to run away again, asking only that she allow him to teach her some of the tools of living on the run and on your own. Under a veil of stubbornness, she agrees and ends up really proud and excited about the results. With Dean, we see another layer of Claire peel away—under that rough and tough exterior, there’s a fun-loving girl who just wants her family back. Not unlike Dean, ten seasons ago.

The episode is centered around Claire’s search for her mother, Amelia (played this season by Leisha Hailey). This is the plot point we’ve all been waiting for. Legitimately. For seasons—years—we’ve all been asking: where is Amelia now? We got our answer in the most horribly generic and heavy-handed way the first time Claire is seen in season ten: her mother just left. “Angel Heart” gives us more than this, gives us more than a plot point that’s fallen down the 18th hole at mini-golf, never to be seen again. Finding out that Amelia had actually been kidnapped all those years ago added intrigue, drama, motive, but most of all a chance for redemption. Claire, who’s been so angry (with reason, of course) for all of season ten, melts in her mother’s arms. She apologizes, she cries, she hugs her like she doesn’t care what happens next. The moments between Claire and Amelia were so incredibly real. They tugged at our heartstrings and really reminded us all what has always been at the core of Supernatural: it’s all about family.

Photo Credit: TV.com
Photo Credit: TV.com

While it was horrible to see Amelia die, the rest of the ending of this episode was satisfying and possibility-laden. Claire destroyed the angel who hurt her mother and is going to stay with our absolute favorite sheriff, Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes). Fingers crossed that we get to see them interact. Now, there’s a pair who can rival Sam and Dean for attitude! Dean has come to terms with what the Mark is doing to him—it seems once and for all, now—and it looks like the end of his journey to Cain-dom is going to be rough, but maybe not one we have to fret over just yet. (Emphasis on that “yet,” because boy does next week’s episode look stressful!) Sam is doing his best to stay positive, yet realistic, and at this point, that’s all we can ask for. And Cas, well, he’s clearly emotionally struggling, which, while sad, is an interesting addition to the study of what makes angels tick, what emotions they can and can’t have and understand.

Season ten is truly working hard. Hopefully, you’re workin’ along with it. Stick around to see these righteous human dudes and their angel dude fight the good fight in “Dark Dynasty.” The ever-fantastic Felicia Day will be there! Next Wednesday at 9 pm on the CW.

Episode Grade: A

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