E3 2015: Capcom Demo’s Resident Evil 0 and Megaman Legacy for Horror and Nostalgia

Evan Slead ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Head Movies Editor


The Capcom booth here at E3 is bumping with visitors playing Street Fighter V live on stage for the crowd to cheer on. Along with the long running fighting series comes two classic series with a refresh. Megaman Legacy for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC revamps the original six Megaman games. Capcom is using its Eclipse Engine to build the game over from their source, essentially allowing the original content to be saved for future generations. Along with the six revamped games comes a new challenge mode done in the style of “boss rush”. Players can perform a gauntlet run of all of the bosses from the games to test their abilities. The demo here at E3 only allowed demos of the first two games, but they looked absolutely beautiful in HD. The ability to play them on an Xbox One and PS4 controller gives the game a new and fresh feeling. Along with the game were areas of Megaman collectibles including original cartridges and custom made helmets!


Next up was the HD remaster of Resident Evil 0 that was originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube. This time around the refresh will be released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Players will once again take control of Rebecca and Billy as they attempt to survive the events prior to the first Resident Evil game. The demo here at E3 for the game allowed the player to play through the opening train sequence. The controls felt as usual, with the possibility of toggling between tank and normal controls, much the recent digital release of the Resident Evil remake. The HD graphics looked beautiful, even when switching between characters there was no noticeable lag or frame stuttering. Capcom is clearly banking on its previous winners, but who can blame them.

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