E3 2015: Square Enix Delivers Kingdom Hearts 3 in Spades

Evan Slead ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Head Movies Editor


The Square Enix conference has kicked off the first media day at E3 with some tantalizing announcements. First and foremost, the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 made its debut with a brand new trailer. Sora reveals a new outfit, continuing his evolution of magical clothing powers. Along with this new outfit are new abilities. The trailer begins with Young Eraqus and Young Xehanort discussing the key blade war. Shots of Sora in his new outift, using the gun system in a beautiful, bright and vibrant world fill the screen. He also summons the different Disney inspired theme park rides, including tea cups! The active gameplay seems to show that these ride summons will be available at any time in battle, much like the previous Disney character summons. There also seems to be a call to Dream, Drop, Distance with the flow motion system as Sora bounces off of walls and different interactive environments. Overall the trailer shows a game that is beautiful, engaging, and full of new features for Kingdom Hearts fans to explore.

Watch the gameplay below:

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