Bowling For Soup Discuss Tour, Long-lived Success

Lauren Feeney ’15/Emertainmeny Monthly Staff Writer


Are you ready to go back in time and be preoccupied with 1985? American pop-punk band Bowling For Soup is at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall tonight, June 17 for the “Bowling For Soup Is Finally Legal Tour!! (BFS Turns 21!)”. BFS is touring with The Dollyrots and Ivory Tribes, as well as introducing a VIP meet and greet with fans.

“We thought we would never get there, much like all of the youth of America,” said lead vocalist Jaret Reddick of their reunion tour. “The clock has been ticking for several years, so we finally did it. I used to say it all the time: There’s no way I’m going to be doing this a few years down the road,” said Reddick. “Here I am still driving around the country, and flying around the world, and playing songs that make people laugh. I could think of worse things to be doing with my life, so I’m kind of glad it’s worked out the way that it has.”

 The Grammy award-nominated group, consisting of members Jaret Reddick, Chris Burney, Erik Chandler, and Gary Wiseman are celebrating 21 years together with their first greatest hits record, Songs That People Actually Liked Volume 1 (1994-2003). The band is known for their hits “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”, “High School Never Ends”, and “1985.”

The greatest hits record has been a longtime goal for the Texas-based band. After a label-sponsored greatest hits record came out years ago that BFS was not happy with, the band decided to change their tune and do it their way.

“We re-recorded everything. We’ve kept everything the same, we just sonically made it better,” explained Reddick. “We’ve grown as musicians and singers…we were able to add a little bit of luster to everything.”

Covering the first 10 years as a band, Reddick says the greatest hits album features songs that the fans want to hear.

“We were lucky enough the response has been really, really great for our album,” added Reddick. “For that we’re thankful and we feel like we did it correctly.”

The 21-day Finally Legal Tour covers cities from Boston to West Hollywood. The tour celebrates 21 years together, and the fact it spans 21 days happened completely by chance.

Reddick says the tour length was accidental. “If that is indeed something we did, it was completely unintentional. Some things happen for a reason I guess. Sometimes we can’t even control our own genius. And this must be one of those times.”

And worked out it has.According to the BFS official tour website, tickets for tonight’s performance at the Brighton Music Hall are sold out.“Boston’s always been great to us. It will be nice to play to the always energetic Boston audience,” said Reddick. “The best part is being out there with your friends and wreaking havoc on the rock and roll world.”

BFS also announced two days ago they will be touring the UK in 2016 on the 15-day “How About Another Round UK Tour”.


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