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Shannon Singletary ‘16/ Emertainment Monthly Writing Staff

Photo Credit: CBS
Photo Credit: CBS
Season 17 of Big Brother has officially kicked off with 14 new houseguests ready to compete for the $500,000 prize. The Big Brother house is always filled with a slew of different types of players, some bound to be more successful than the others. Emertainment Monthly wanted to kick this season off with a first-impression-only analysis of this years players, deciding each houseguest’s fate using only their online bios and pre-show interview with Big Brother veteran Jeff Schroeder.
Audrey Middleton
Occupation: Digital Media Consultant
Instead of choosing a former Big Brother player to model her game after, Audrey said she wanted to play like Dexter Morgan from the TV show Dexter. Audrey is intelligent, calculating, and seems to have a solid understanding of the game. She is also the first ever transgender houseguest. Audrey’s one downfall might be coming off as too standoffish to the other houseguests. She was cool and collected in her interview, but if she doesn’t show a little bit of “I’m overly excited to be here” and “You’re all my new best friends” within the first week, she could be an easy pick to go early for not “connecting” enough with the other houseguests. First impressions in the Big Brother house can be the difference between going home week one and winning the whole thing.
Prediction: If she can make it past week two, she’ll make it to the final 5.
Becky Burgess
Age: 26
Occupation: Retail Manager
She considers herself a people person and calls herself a leader, but Becky’s game is likely to be one we’ve seen before. Becky is an athletic girl and says she is strong at “counting” and “memorizing,” so it’s likely she’ll do well in competitions. Though she may get along with the other houseguests, I don’t believe her social game will be as strong as she thinks it will. Based on her personality and mannerisms seen in her interview, she doesn’t seem like the type to make quick, deep connections with others, a beneficial skill in the big brother house.
Prediction: Will be a part of a strong alliance (and possibly showmance) early on that will fall apart later in the game.
Jason Roy
Age: 25
Occupation: Supermarket Cashier
Player Jason Roy knows his other house guests may start to find him annoying, but he doesn’t think this will stop him from winning it all. A Big Brother live feed watcher, international viewer, and overall superfan Jason wants to a the “gay glue” in an all-girls alliance this season. Historically in Big Brother all-girls alliances have crumbled before they’ve ever even started, and it’s unlikely this season will be any different.
Prediction: Jason will play too hard, too fast and be sent home before jury.
Meg Maley
Age: 25
Occupation: Server
Kind of awkward and a little goofy, Meg described herself as a “crazy, studier fan.” She said she wants to play a loyal game, but isn’t afraid to cut ties when she needs to. Meg appears to have a solid understanding of the game in her strategy of laying low the first couple of weeks, in avoidance of being “that girl.” Overall, Meg was hard to get a read on. She has the potential to be a strong female player, but she could easily wind up being a floater.
Prediction: Be a part of a solid, down low alliance and get pretty far?
Austin Matelson
Age: 30
Occupation: Professional Wrestler
A former professional WWE wrestler, Austin is known by his wrestling name Judas, but he hopes his intimidating stature won’t keep him from winning the game. Austin’s strategy to counteract his physical appearance is by being the “friendly guy” that helps all the other houseguests work out. Despite his former profession, Austin seems like a really peaceful, lovable guy, though he’s not afraid of turning on his evil side when necessary. During his interview, Austin brought a top hat with him and informed Jeff that when the top hat comes on, Judas comes out.
Prediction: Makes it to jury.
Shelli Poole
Age: 33
Occupation: Interior Designer
In every interview, Jeff asked the houseguests if they would rather lose the game and be loved or win and be hated. Shelli was one of the few houseguests who said she would rather be loved than win. Much like Meg, Shelli knows she needs to lay low in the first few weeks and keep from being the first person on others’ minds. Shelli comes from a big family, and that could help her in this game since the Big Brother house is its own kind of big family. She says her strategy is to continuously adapt, which is the only strategy you can be sure of keeping before heading into the house.
Prediction: Eliminated pre-jury
Liz Nolan
Age: 23
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator
Liz is on Big Brother for the “flirtmance.” Liz didn’t have very much to say about her future game that was very superficial. She said her short shorts were going to be her strategy, and she is going to “work her magic” and “show people who liz really is.”
Prediction: Stands little chance of making it past week three.
James Huling
Age: 31
Occupation: Retail Associate
The slightly younger, Asian version of last seasons Donny Thompson, James will be very interesting to watch this summer. He calls himself a people person and says he wants to play with integrity. Unlike Donny, James actually does have a military background and is not afraid to stab some people in the back.
Prediction: Will make it to final eight
Da’Vonne Rogers
Age: 27
Occupation: Poker Dealer
Da’Vonne is in it to win it. In her interview, Da’Vonne told Jeff her motivation in the house will be her seven month old daughter, and winning was the only option considering all she was going to be missing. Da’Vonne’s biggest weakness will be her blunt nature, but she says she plans on playing like a heart rate monitor — say what she means, slow it down. Da’Vonne’s other trick up her sleeve is that she is a professional poker dealer, not that she plans on letting the other houseguests know that.
Prediction: She’ll at least make it to jury, but will get in a conflict with at least one other houseguest in the process of getting there.
Clay Honeycutt
Age: 23
Occupation: Graduate Student at Texas A&M
A former college football player and graduate student, Clay is this season’s all-American boy. He calls himself a super fan, though he only recently got into the show and he’d rather be loved than win. Clay’s good looks and charm will certainly get him somewhere in this game, but his limited Big Brother knowledge could hold him back in this season with several true super fans.
Prediction: Make it to jury and be in a showmance.
Jace Agolli
Age: 23
Occupation: Personal Trainer
The initial reaction to Jace was that he was a revamp of last season’s Hayden Voss. Sporting long hair and residing in Venice Beach, California, Jace  has all the makings to be the same laid-back kind of guy. When he speaks though, it’s not quite what you’d expect. Jace talks extremely fast and he speaks with intense purpose. He believes his strengths going into the house will be his confidence, determination, and his personabilty. He should be a fun houseguest to watch this season.
Prediction: Jace has a solid shot of making it to the end.
Steve Moses
Age: 22
Occupation: College Student
Steve is season 14’s Ian Terry 2.0, which could be detrimental to his game. According to Steve, however, he plans to play a very different game than Ian. Whereas Ian tried to prove himself and his “coolness,” Steve plans on playing up his nerdiness and innocence. Unfortunately for Steve, this strategy likely won’t take him as far as Ian.
Prediction: Go out mid game, either right before making jury or right after.
Vanessa Rousso
Age: 32
Occupation: Professional Poker Player
Vanessa is a certified celebrity in her own right, being a top ranked professional poker player. She plans on keeping her poker skills a secret though, if she can, by telling the houseguests only about her DJing background. This may prove to be very difficult for her, however, seeing as fellow houseguest, Da’Vonne is a poker dealer and may recognize Vanessa. It would be great to see these two working together and making it to the end. On top of being a poker player, Vanessa is extremely intelligent having studied game theory at Duke University. She has the potential to be a truly dynamic and dangerous player.
Prediction: If she can keep her profession a secret, she could make it to final two.
John McGuire
Age: 27
Occupation: Dentist
The first word that comes to mind to describe John, or “Johnny Mac” as he’s been dubbed, would be loud. Throughout his entire interview it seemed as though he was screaming his answers. John believes his biggest advantage in the game will be that the other houseguests won’t catch on to how smart or how much of a physical threat he is. He does know, though, that he can rub people the wrong way, which is why his stay in the Big Brother house will likely be short.
Prediction: Sent home first week

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