The Barn’s Full of Walkers! ‘Superfight:The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Challenge’ Decks Review

Superfight: The Walking Dead Deck. Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment
Superfight: The Walking Dead Deck. Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment

Not too long ago, Skybound Games released an Anime Deck for its hit game Superfight. As another treat to fans of the game and to celebrate the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, it is now releasing two new expansion packs; a much-awaited The Walking Dead Deck and a Challenge Deck.

The main rules of Superfight are pretty simple. Each player has to draw three white cards, which represent different characters and three black cards which represent different attributes. The players then need to chose one character and one attribute which they will show to the other players, discard the rest of the cards, and draw another random black card to add to their fighter.

From here, there are different types of gameplay. In one of the versions, called The Superfight two players pit their characters against each other, and once they draw an extra black card with a new attribute, debate who would win the fight. The rest of the rest of the players make the final decision and the next player creates a fighter to go against the winner of the first round.

In a different version of the game, Villain Battle, the “Villain”, a different player in every round, picks up cards to create their fighter. The players create their own characters in the same way as before which will become the chosen ones to oppose the Villain, who eventually decides who would be the one to defeat them. That fighter receives one point.

Taking into account the fact that Skybound Entertainment was founded by Robert Kirkman, more widely known as the creator of The Walking Dead comic books, it is no surprise that a Walking Dead Deck has been born. Featuring fan-favorites like Michonne, Rick and Glenn and not-so-favorites like The Governor with a couple of Walker character cards for good measure, this deck really stays true to the feel of the comic books (and the show). Unlike the Core Deck, it is much more serious in terms of attributes and scenarios, with many of them mentioning weapons or injuries. The cards themselves are marked with bloodstains, a trait that not only helps separate them from other decks but also adds to the ominous atmosphere of this expansion pack.

Superfight: The Walking Dead Deck, The Anime Deck and The Challenge Deck. Photo Credit: Skybound Entertainment
Superfight: The Walking Dead Deck, The Anime Deck and The Challenge Deck. Photo Credit: Skybound Entertainment

That being said, the fact that the characters have such a serious feel to them makes for some hilarious fighters when combined with other decks. 10 Walkers “Constantly Taking Selfies” or a Michonne that “Is A Belieber and is Convinced Opponent Means Bieber Bodily Harm” are only a couple of the unlikely and obscure combinations that can be created.

And as if these unlikely characters weren’t enough to make the fight challenging, Skybound also released a Superfight Challenge Deck. Yes, they created a deck only comprised of challenges based on which the players’ fighters will be judged. Ranging from Quidditch to Archery to who would be Worst Roommate, this deck can add many more hours of debating to your game. It is is good to have this variety of factors which bring a nice variation to the usual gameplay.

All in all, these two new expansion packs bring a lot to the table by adding new content and new possibilities to the rest of the Superfight Decks. The different style of the Walking Dead Deck is a great addition to the obscene rest of the collection of cards.

Make sure to check out the Superfight booth (#2800) in this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to get your hands on these new decks!

If you have ideas for new cars that might make the decks even better, you can submit them here.

Who do you think might win in the fights mentioned in the article? Let us know in the comments!

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