SDCC 2015: Teen Wolf Dylan Sprayberry Explains Rivarly with Hayden and Worries About Scott

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief

Continuing our San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) coverage, Emertainment Monthly got to sit down with Dylan Sprayberry to talk about this season of Teen Wolf and what it means for his character Liam.

“There’s definitely a lot I can’t say because we’re only on the third episode and there’s a lot that’s going to happen,” Sprayberry confessed right off the bat. “This season of Teen Wolf is just about Scott losing control and he’s not sure why. Liam can see that Scott’s concerned for his own well being and that makes him nervous. He’s like ‘This is our leader and he doubts himself.’ That whole dynamic makes him nervous, but he really started to love Scott as a brother towards the end of last season.”

Those who have been watching Teen Wolf know that Liam’s journey has been rocky since transforming into a werewolf. That pivotal scene between Scott and Stiles we talked about with Tyler Posey highlights how hard it is for someone to get accepted into the pack. With the new character Theo on the scene, Sprayberry assured us that was going to be explored. “Liam knows how hard it is to get into the pack and be trusted like that. So, that’s what he’s doing now. Liam has trust issues as well, so it’s very hard for him to warm up to someone else in the group that he doesn’t know. “Yeah, Liam doesn’t like Theo.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Liam falls short in the category of people he doesn’t get along with: Hayden Romero (Victoria Moroles) is Liam’s grade school nemesis. “Basically, the whole thing is that when we were kids, we hated each other because we broke each other’s noses on the day of school photos. So she hates me for that. I think, as much as Liam doesn’t like her… it’s not that he hates her or anything, I think it’s light hearted rivalry that’s been going for a long time. They’re kinda used to it. Now, Liam’s starting to care about her more in this time where she’s slowly starting to drift into this scary time. Liam’s bound to have people to care for, whether or not he likes her that way. That’s what this group does: they protect people.”

Luckily, Liam does have a friend in Mason (Khylin Rhambo) throughout Teen Wolf. “We’re like brothers in the show, just like Scott and Stiles are. Them in the first season is what we’re planning on emulating. Not copying, but wanting to give that tribute to the show because their relationship was so great and we wanted to do something similar, but also make it feel different.”

It seems like with Theo around and the Dread Doctors making their trek throughout Beacon Hills this season of Teen Wolf, Liam’s going to need all the friends he can get as Scott goes through his period of self-doubt. Dylan Sprayberry is up to the challenge, having grown into his character and proving without a doubt that he belongs on Teen Wolf with the rest of the cast cast. Only time will tell, though, what’ll happen to Liam and the rest of the pack as Teen Wolf continues.

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  1. I hope Scott and Liam stays friends and close. I hate it when series breakup a good friendship or a good leader for some episodes. it´s just irritating. It would also be fun to see more of Liam´s issues with IED.

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