SDCC 2015: The 100 Bob Morley on the Final Scene Between Him and Clarke

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor-in-Chief

Emertainment Monthly continues its San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) coverage with another interview conducted during The 100 Press Room. This time, we got a chance to sit down with Bob Morley, who plays one of the main characters Bellamy Blake on The 100. As anyone who’s been watching The 100 knows, Bellamy and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) left on a less than ideal note as Clarke left to deal with the horrors she and Bellamy committed during the war with Mount Weather.

“You’d have to feel some sort of resentment there,” Morley said, thinking about how Clarke left Bellamy to deal with the aftermath on his own. “Bellamy assumed they were in it together. So for her to back down on that, it sucks. It’s not really together at all.”

The relationship between their characters has been a major part of The 100 from the get go, both of them vying for the position of leader. Ultimately, it’s Clarke who takes the role and Bellamy’s character evolved from an antagonist of sorts to someone we can look at and feel inspired. Morley himself, as an actor, has contributed to that development as well.

One of the examples he gave was from that pivotal scene in the season finale of The 100. “Initially, the line was ‘Come inside,’” said Morely. “But I made him say ‘Please come inside.’ It made it more of a plea. He knew the people in Mount Weather a lot more than Clarke. . He saw the kids and killed one of their fathers. It hurt him a bit more. It was a plea for her to come inside so they could deal with it together and so now he has to deal with it on his own. He gets why she has to go, but I don’t think that softens the pain of the whole thing.”

Naturally, the question became whether or not that tension between the two would be explored in the next season of The 100. Would they talk about it? Would they come together again and be able to move past it? “I think they definitely have stuff to deal with,” confessed Morely. He assured us though, “I can’t tell you anything; I haven’t got much to say!” All the things he said about what he’d like to see in the season comes from his personal perspective, not anything he knows for sure. “I had a meeting with Jason [Rothenberg, the Executive Producer] and he gives you the overall idea of the season, but it’s funny. We’ve had these meetings each season, and some of the things that were planning on happening don’t actually happen, so you take it like a sportsman one episode at a time. You get the scripts and try to do as much as you can with it. There’s not much warning, really.”

“It might be cool if Clarke and Bellamy brought it up and spoke about it, but then again he’s always making allowances because they’re at war. It would be nice, though, to have some sort of dialogue about that. It was such a big moment for it not to be addressed in this season,” said Morley, talking about that pivotal scene between the two again.

The conversation turned to what he’d like to see in the next season of The 100. “I hope the season makes Bellamy a better person, that he makes less mistakes, but we just have to wait and see. I’d like Bellamy to interact more with Monty. I love Chris, but I don’t get to work together with him much either. It would be nice to explore that a little more.”

“We start shooting Wednesday,” Morley said at the end of the interview. “It’s going to be interesting.”

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