Emertainment’s Guide to VidCon: Friday’s Agenda

Courtney Accocella ‘17/ Emertainment Monthly Assistant Web Editor

Outside of the Anaheim convention center at Vidicon. Source: Vidicon.com

It’s that time of year again! Time for the internet to descend upon the Anaheim Convention center for four days of unbelievable fun and utter chaos. But to help you through the chaos we’ve put together some of the top discussions we would be heading to in our Emertainment’s Guide to VidCon!

Now this list does not include the Q&A’s and  main stage events for specific channels. Our list features the topic panels that will be happening. Each event has certain ticket track requirements. So make sure that you have the right pass to enter these event before you start queuing up. But without further ado, here are top picks for Friday at VidCon!

Workshop-Mental Health on Youtube

9:30-10:30am / Creator Track / Room 205

Featuring: Will Shepherd, Kati Morton, Connor Manning, Savannah Brown

YouTube has always been a place to share stories while giving a voice to those who might not have it otherwise. Many creators and viewers who live with mental illnesses turn to the community to share, learn, and heal together. In order to continue improving the conversations about mental health on YouTube, it’s important to look at ourselves. As a community, how have we handled the topic of mental health? What have we done well? What can we improve on? These conversations are important. They not only impact creators, but the lives of those watching as well, providing education, comfort, and hope.

Community Driven Platforms: Fandom and Fan Strategy 

11:00-12:00pm / Industry Track / Room 304 AB

Featuring: Meredith Levine, Bernie Su, Ivan Askwith, Jackson Bird, Lara Hoefs

Everyone wants to know what the value of a fan is. In an age of changing success metrics, and cult media, why are fandoms and communities better than audiences and impressions, not just for culture, but for business? This session explores the value and techniques of effective social listening, using earned media to inform your paid and owned strategies, dealing with trolls and community blow-back, and measuring success.

Gender in Gaming

11:00-12:00pm / Creator Tack / Room 207

Featuring: Felicia Day, LDShadowLady, Aureylian, Trisha Hershberger

Gaming is now being recorded and made public for online video, which creates some new challenges. Panelists will discuss how to deal with gender barriers and stereotypes in gaming. In particular, given the chance of backlash from an online audience, how do you overcome the fear of choosing the roles you want, playing the games you like, and finding an audience regardless of gender demographic?

From Hollywood Films to Book Deals: How to Stay Smart in Crossover Projects

12:30-1:30pm / Industry Track / Room 304 CD

Featuring: Marc Hustvedt, Kevin Herrera, Sarah Weichel, Rafi Fine, Naomi Lennon

Some of the most popular YouTube creators and networks are quickly moving beyond YouTube to embrace and build success in other media. Television and movies offer a tantalizing way to build audiences and drive revenue, but is it real or just a chimera? Some YouTube stars are seeing success writing books or launching record labels. But is this a sustainable path? Is the effort worth the return? This session explores the emerging intersection of online video and traditional media and provides guidance as to where and how to spend your personal capital and time, and how to build a sustainable business with multiple revenue streams.

MCNs, Agents, and Managers! Oh My!

12:30-1:30pm / Creator Track / Room 207

Featuring: Peter Hollens, Natalie Novak, Lisa Filipelli, Chrystina Woody, Chris Landa

When it comes to making money or working on cool projects, there are lots of options for representation, and it can be hard to understand what they all do. This panel explores the differences between MCNs, agents, managers, and other roles as well as what they do, and when you might need one or more of them, depending on your goals as a creator.

Power of Words

2-3pm / Community Track / Kia Mainstage

Featuring: Meghan Tonjes, John Green, Alli Speed, Connor Franta, Felicia Day, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire

What you say online has power in the real world! Many creators are taking to the internet to encourage their communities to take action, from raising awareness of social causes to encouraging activism, from celebrating positivity to breaking down global boundaries. They’re also pushing us to remember that what you say online matters – whether in videos, comments, or social media.

Sexual Orientation on Youtube

3:30-4:30pm / Community Track / Kia Mainstage

Featuring: Michael Buckley, Tyler Oakley, ElloSteph, Miles Jai, R.J. Aguiar, Ingrid Nilsen

Join some of YouTube’s most popular creators as they discuss how online video has has made life easier for LGBTQ+ people everywhere and how to deal with unique struggles that may arise.

Using Facebook to Generate Web Video Revenue

3:50-4:10pm / Industry Track / Room 304AB

Featuring: Gavin McGarry

Learn an innovative set of tools to help you generate more revenue from both social media and web video platforms. This session introduces best practices for building strong community engagement on Facebook and Snapchat and how that translates into more web video revenue. It includes a combination of case studies, the results of quantitative experiments and other insider knowledge from big and small media brands including: Sony, Yahoo, BBC, Virgin Radio, Toronto Star, John Beasley Music, and Starz.

Nerdfighter Q&A

5-6pm / Community Track / Kia Mainstage

Featuring: Hank Green, John Green

Calling all Nerdfighters! Come hang out with John and Hank, who will be answering your questions, engaging in shenanigans, and maybe even putting stuff on their heads. It’s also a great time to reunite with your fellow residents of nerdfighteria and make new friends!

KIA Arena Concert Series

7-11pm / Community Track / Kia Arena

Featuring: Tessa Violet, Driftless Pony Club, Craig Benzine, Dave Days, Hank Green, Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers

There are tons of other awesome things happening at VidCon from the expo hall, channel events, meet ups, and tons more! You can get more information on whats going on here!

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