Carter Reynolds Kicked-Out of VidCon?

Courtney Accocella ‘17/ Emertainment Monthly Assistant Web Editor

Carter Reynolds. Source: Youtube
Carter Reynolds. Source: Youtube

Carter Reynolds is in the news again. Following the recent scandal involving a leaked attempted sex tape with his underage girlfriend (along with possible rape allegations), Twitter went on red alert, and public opinion of the Vine star turned hostile. Reynolds saw fans’ outrage firsthand when he attempted to attend VidCon this weekend.

Youtuber Onision encouraged his fans to let VidCon creator Hank Green know the “kind of person Carter Reynolds is.” Onision himself is among a small list of internetainers not allowed at the convention. Also on the list? Youtuber Sam Pepper, following his so-called “social experiment” failure. Onision took to Twitter in a series of posts reaching out to VidCon:

Hank Green took to Twitter with a quick reply saying that Reynolds was removed from the event and was not officially invited to attend. 

However, Reynolds would not go out silently, and began a Twitter rant on the subject.


Maybe Reynolds shouldn’t have shared that fact as the hotel began receiving death threats against him and would later also ask him to leave.


VidCon does have a reason, actually. The convention’s code of conduct states, “It is vital to us that VidCon is a safe place for all attendees. VidCon is a private event and people who mistreat or disrespect other people will be removed and not allowed for the duration of the event. VidCon reserves the right to permanently ban attendees and guests who do not comply with the code of conduct, including for future events put on by VidCon LLC.”

Disrespectful like how many consider it rude to film your already uncomfortable girlfriend and yell at her for saying no to your sexual demands maybe?

Onision was not putting up with Reynolds complaints after the banning and in one simply put tweet summarized what a great many attendees were thinking.

Reynolds made a last-ditch effort to mock VidCon, tweeting “Magcon> Vidcon.” Frankly, Carter, we don’t think VidCon cares. While the behavior some attendees had towards Reynolds is not acceptable, it is reassuring to see VidCon stand with its earlier statements that sexual assailants wouldn’t be allowed at their events, which have many young, impressionable fans in attendance.

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