Troye Sivan Makes “Wild” New Album Announcement

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Troye Sivan Source: MTV
Troye Sivan Source: MTV

After announcing his first ever EP, ‘TRXYE’, last year at Vidcon it seems only fitting that after selling 70,000 copies Youtuber Troye Sivan should make another announcement. This time things are going to be even more ‘WILD’, literally. That’s the title of Sivan’s upcoming album!

WILD Source:
‘WILD’  Cover Art. Source:

In a recent video sharing the news with his 3.8 million subscribers he says,“‘WILD’ is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce you guys to all of the music I’ve got coming in 2015.” Currently no release dates are known for ‘WILD’ or any of Sivan’s new music.

“The EP debuted at number 5 on Billboard! And that was literally all because of you guys!” Sivan recalls, “And so after all of that I was kind of left with the question of ‘Okay, now what?’ The only logical answer was, ‘Alright. Let’s do it again! And lets do it even better!’”

Troye Sivan. Source: The Hollywood Treatment
Troye Sivan. Source: The Hollywood Treatment

Sivan talks about his time spent in the studio and teases of collaborating with some of his favorite artists. “This music has my heart and my soul in it,” notes Sivan. “and I’ve never worked at something as hard as I’ve worked at this.”

“You guys have been so patient…Sort of!” Sivan jokes. Currently no release dates are known for ‘WILD’ or any of Sivan’s new music so fans will have to wait a little longer still. For now check out the announcement video for Sivan’s channel.


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