Bethany Mota Announces Road Trip, New Fragrance, and Magazine Cover

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Bethany Mota. Source : Seventeen
Bethany Mota. Source : Seventeen
“Bethany Noel” Bottle Source: Aeropostale

Bethany Mota has become one of the most popular and well known Youtubers to date. And what comes with that is a schedule so hectic it would make a normal persons head spin. Mota has had a number of exciting announcements this week. Starting on Saturday, Mota announced to her channel that she would be doing a ten day road trip across the United States to promote her brand new “Bethany Noel” perfume with Aeropostale.

On Monday, Mota kicked of her road trip at Aeropostale in New York City. The event was a meet and greet and launch party for the newly released fragrance. This is the second of Mota’s fragrances with the clothing store, her original perfume was a self titled number. “Bethany Noel” features scents of “lemon meringue, dewberry, maple syrup and vanilla crystals, and it has an intriguingly addictive finish.”

Bethany Mota. Source: Girlfriend Magazine

Mota has done plenty with the Aeropostale in recent years. This past month she released her series of home decor with them which included fun bedding and pillows and wall decor. Along with that Mota has a featured continuous clothing line with the brand as well as jewelry line.

Mota’s road trip will hit five cities at a meet and greet in a local Aeropostale. The locations will all be revealed here on the Aeropostale site. You can also follow along online as Mota shared in the announcement video that the tour would be filmed as well.

This week Mota also shared shots from her cover photo shoot for Latina Magazine. Moto will be  featured on the cover of the September issue to discuss “redefin[ing] style for millennials”, according to the cover.

Mota shared, “”I had really bad anxiety. I would have panic attacks every time I was around a lot of people. I didn’t even want to hang out with my family members.” Mota’s struggle with anxiety and depression came after a fake MySpace profile was created under her name and was used it to criticize her body as a preteen.

“It got to the point that I didn’t think I could ever shake this. I thought, ‘My God, this is going to be my life forever,” She added. “Clearly, talking about it still brings up painful memories. … I was scared to express my opinion or talk because I was afraid of judgment. I thought, ‘I’m always going to be too scared to live life.’ That’s when I knew I had to do something, and I started doing the videos.”

Those videos have now gained Mota nearly 10 million subscribers on Youtube, she’s interviewed President Obama, and was on “Dancing with the Stars”! Moto has in fact usurped original Youtube beauty icon Michelle Phan who currently has close to 8 million subscriber. There’s no stoping her there though, no doubt we will be hearing of another endeavor from Miss Mota soon!

You can find out where Bethany is headed next here! Watch her announcement and road trip tips video below!

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