Flashback Friday: "From the Files of Madison Finn"

Jailene Adorno ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer
As many know, the transition from elementary school to middle school can be tricky. Many are left wondering how they will fit in, or if they’ll fit in at all. But then there are series like Laura Dower’s From the Files of Madison Finn that make that transition a little easier.
In this series, readers get to learn all about Madison Finn—the twelve-year-old girl who loves emailing and instant messaging her friends, wears a ring on every single finger, and keeps “files” as a diary. Readers really grow with Madison Finn; they journey through middle school with her as she meets new friends, develops a crush on a classmate, and travels back and forth between her parents’ homes after their divorce.
Dower does a really good job of portraying what middle school life is really like by showing readers everything—good, bad, and all that’s in between. We even get to witness how Madison handles herself when approached by longtime bully Ivy. Aside from school, friends, and home life, we also get to see a lot of Madison typing away on her laptop in order to keep up with her “files.” She keeps all of her thoughts, dreams, and secrets in these files, which are meant for her eyes only.

"From the Files of Madison Finn" cover. Source: Disney Hyperion
“From the Files of Madison Finn” cover. Source: Disney Hyperion
While interacting with friends at school, readers get to witness how Madison balances old friends like Aimee and Walter with new friends like twins Fiona and Chet once they all come together. Everything from the banter to the weird nicknames, and even the many thoughts that go through Madison’s head are very relatable for just about anyone her age.
Whether you were excited about the new adventure that Madison Finn was about to engage in or you were looking forward to seeing the fun and colorful cover of the newest book, Dower never disappointed whenever she released a new book. With each book, we learned more and more things about the very caring and dog-loving Madison Finn. Every book came with a different story and a valuable lesson about family, friendship, and being yourself.
Laura Dower published all twenty-two of the books of the series From the Files of Madison Finn between 2001 and 2006. Dower really created a wonderful series that truly exemplifies the trials and tribulations of a middle schooler. Although it’s been almost ten years since the last Madison Finn book was published, I’m sure fans would be more than excited to see what Madison’s life is like now that she’s all grown up.

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