Zim Invades Conventions and Comic Shops this Summer!

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Invader Zim original cover. Image Credit: Oni Press
Invader Zim original cover. Image Credit: Oni Press

With close consultation from series creator Johnen Vasquez, Invader Zim, makes its return in comic form. After mid-season cancellation in 2002, the cult Nickelodeon hit was doomed to reruns and DVD sales, yet it has made a bombastic return with a new medium. Along with the credits to the Oni Press staff, the original voice actors have their own column to pay respect where it is due. Complete with all the charm, humor, and squick of the original series, Invader Zim is sure to please any longtime fan.

The art, created by Aaron Alexovich, Megan Lawton and Simon “Hutt” Trousellier, is much the same as the animated series, although it has a grungy texture that Johnen Vasquez is known for in his other comics. The choice of black panel borders was a no-brainer, with an appreciable effect on the tone, and the panel layouts are kinetic but natural. There is always a lot going on, but it’s all easy to follow.

After a recap of the animated series to catch up newcomers, this first issue deals with the gap between the last episode of the animated series and where the comics start. The ramifications of which are both hilarious and meta, with Zim commenting on how things about earth have changed. “They’ve ruined this show, Gir. Not a single original cast member remains. Curse you, Gir! Curse you and your binge-watching!”

Zim and Dib’s constant conflict brings back the status quo of the show and allows for jumping between their perspectives. A particularly great instance of this happens when Zim (in his human disguise) is closing his front door on Dib, and the latter sees Zim and his robots for what they really are for a split second. The ending of the issue leaves any Invader Zim fan wanting more and excited for where it will go.

Even over a decade later, Zim still managed to fill panels and signings at both Denver Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con this year. This attention has raised the need for a second print run of the first issue, with the same release date as the second issue. So for those who missed the premiere of this amazing revival, they can still catch up their collection on August 19th.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Issue #2 and #1’s second run release date: 8/7/2015  

Price: $3.99 each

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