Jon Stewart Bids a Classy, Emotional Farewell

By Rachel Smith 16’/ Emertainment Monthly Staff

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The saddest day in Late Night TV arrived at 11pm on August 6th, 2015. Jon Stewart has officially left his post as host of The Daily Show. As much as we hate to see him go, we loved to watch him leave. The night was broken up into three perfect parts: correspondents, staff, and his final goodbye.

Fans of The Daily Show watched for 16 and a half years as correspondents came and went, moving on to bigger but not better things because you can only assume that working for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the best job in the world. Steve Carell, John Oliver, Olivia Munn and Josh Gad are just some of the famous names who made their humble beginnings thanks to Jon Stewart. These stars, along with all former and present correspondents had cameos in the finale. It is amazing to see the genuine reaction Stewart has to his old friends, thanking them for all the work they did during their time at The Daily Show. But Jon got the biggest thanks of the night from the one and only Stephen Colbert.

For years Stewart and Colbert were the bromance made in comedy heaven, and tonight it came to a head when Colbert sneak attacked Jon with a heartfelt thank you that he just wasn’t ready for. Stewart started rolling away and saying, “please don’t do this” like he was going to get Colbert back for this later. Of course Colbert called attention to the purely talented and kind human Jon Stewart is. Tears ensued, likely on both sides of the television.

After Jon pulled himself together he gave a tip of the hat to his staff in the form of a video capturing him strolling through the Daily Show office and providing satirical narration the whole time. It’s everything you hope the office is actually like, especially when dogs playing poker show up as the show’s executives. This is Stewart acknowledging every part that makes up his show, proving he hasn’t done it alone. At the end everyone comes running out, and he hugs them all so warmly that you know it really was like a beautiful family for all those years.

Jon never actually report the news in the end. Instead he had one last moment with camera three to give his audience some advice before he went. His final topic was about identifying the bulls*** that comes with life every day. He asks his audience to overcome it or else, they have nothing. This has been his mission on the show. To call out the people in politics and the media on their B.S. This is why his audience has loyally followed him for 16 and a half years.

During this speech Jon is not cool and calm like we usually see him. He has been overcome with emotion throughout the show and it’s clear he’s just trying to keep it together. He’s human. The finale proved that whole-heartedly. He took the final moments to thank his family for “teaching [him] what joy looks like,” and follows this by saying, “I can’t even look over there but thank you.” He’s leaving the show to spend time with his family, and we can’t blame him for that. He explains his career is like a conversation with the audience, this is a small pause and eventually they’ll reunite.

That is going to be one epic reunion to look forward to, but for now let’s tip our hats in gratitude for Jon Stewart. A man who spent 16 and a half years changing the way people watch the news and finding humor in even the most tragic moments. During the final show it actually felt like Jon will miss the audience as much as they’ll miss him. Trevor Noah has large shoes to fill, and his small cameo in the final show makes it seem like he might be ready for the challenge.

Overall Grade: A++

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