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The Cast Of "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" Photo Credit: Netflix
The Cast Of “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” Photo Credit: Netflix

After fourteen years the gang from Wet Hot American Summer have returned thanks to Netflix’s latest seven episode deal that takes place on the first day of camp in 1981. In a mini-series dominated by the screen presence of such notable talents as Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and many more it’s easy to overlook the newest roster of actors. With his foul mouthed performance as Drew in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Thomas Barbusca had no problem when it came to standing out.


Emertainment Monthly: You’ve been acting professionally on television since 2012 (Grey’s Anatomy, The New Normal, Anger Management) do you think you prefer television or your roots in commercial acting? 

Thomas Babusca: Yeah, they’re both awesome, but I’d have to say TV, because in TV you portray so many roles and every role is actually a character on TV. 

Your character Drew in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, like most of the characters has a very specific kind of comedic timing, did you watch the original film version or just kind of get the humor immediately?

Yeah, yeah I watched it. It was really funny, it was definitely really funny. You know it’s kind of what started them all out like Bradley Cooper, that was one of his first movies. I really liked the original, that was a good film.

Of course a lot of improve came with the original. Did you get the same kind of space to go crazy with the ad-libbing especially since your character curses a lot? 

Yeah I got to ad-lib a couple of times, definitely.

Did you personally know a character like Drew growing up?

‘Did I know a character like Drew growing up’? No! Definitely not! (Laughs). Thankfully I didn’t know anybody like Drew, Drew is a very mean person.

You’ve been doing very well in TV lately, but have you ever considered making the transition to films or theater?

Yeah, I have auditioned for films at one point or another. I love movies.

Thomas Barbusca. Photo Credit: IMDB
Thomas Barbusca. Photo Credit: IMDB

Who would you say you looked up to in terms of acting role models? 

I really like Bryan Cranston, Leonardo DiCaprio and Aaron Paul.

I’m assuming you’re a Breaking Bad fan then. What’s your favorite episode?

Yeah I am. My favorite episode would have to definitely be the last episode.

Who would you play if you were a character on Breaking Bad? Like if Vince Gilligan came up to you and offered you a role? 

That’s a hard one. I’d try Walter White (Laughs). A teacher gone bad. Maybe even playing a young Bryan Cranston in a flashback episode.

Is there a certain type of genre you’d like to work in or a type of character you’d like to play in the future?

Yeah I mean, I really like Comedy and I really like Drama those are my two favorites. Maybe a show like The Walking Dead, like a show like that. AMC shows are really fun, like Preacher

I was wondering if you could talk about the new TV Movie you’re appearing in called; Preacher. Could you talk about your character on that show? 

Well the character’s name is Chris and I ask the Preacher to do something a bit, a bit, what’s the word I’m looking for…complex. Complex is the word. We shot in New Mexico for two weeks and Seth Rogen directed me. There were snakes all over the set, there were snake wranglers, there were dogs everywhere.

What made you get into acting, you’ve been acting since you were about six years old so what inspired you? 

My sister brought it onto me because she booked a show and I kind of got jealous. So I said I kind of want to do that and we set it up and I got it.

Do you ever see yourself acting alongside your sister if she’s still into acting? 

Yeah she’s still into it. Definitely yes, she just did Scandal and Bones so yeah she’s doing pretty good.

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