'Captain America: Civil War' Team Photos Make Their Mark

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Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios / Marvel Studios.
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Marvel Studios.
Audiences will have to wait until May 6th to see Captain America and Iron Man face off in potentially the most interesting (and political) installment Disney’s Marvel Studios has made to date. Not too long ago at the D23 Expo, the Captain America: Civil War panel showed the audience the first teaser trailer for the film. Although a low-quality version will pop up and be flagged down every now-and-then, no official trailer has been released to the public.
But what has been leaked is the concept art, which displays who’s on whose side. So that being said, SPOILERS lie ahead. However, they’re nothing major and nothing one wouldn’t have seen in a trailer. Fans have always picked their favorite Avenger, but now they will be required to pick official sides along with the heroes of the film. After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, how can Stark be trusted with his backwards invention of Ultron?
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Marvel Studios.
Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Marvel Studios.
The interesting aspects to point out are the sides that the Avengers have taken. For instance, Black Widow is on Iron Man’s side. She has always been an advocate for Captain America and was the female lead in last year’s Captain America: Winter Soldier. Also, the fact that Black Panther being pictured is surprising, considering that he hasn’t yet been featured in the MCU, which raises a flag on where Spider-Man will come in. Another missing character is Scarlet Witch, who is confirmed for the film, and Bruce Banner, who is still just rumored. Pictured to the left of Cap is none other than Agent Carter’s granddaughter, Sharon Carter a.k.a Agent 13. Oh yeah, and don’t miss Ant-Man posted up on Hawkeye’s shoulder!

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  1. My question is what is the thing flying in the background of Team Cap? There is another image they put out of both teams going at each other with that same thing flying in the background on team Caps’ side of the photo.

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