The Mindy Project 2.0 Teases It’s Return

Rachel Smith ’16/ Emertainment Monthly Film and TV Staff Writer

Many fans can thank the TV gods for giving The Mindy Project a second life on Hulu. The show getting cancelled on Fox might have been a blessing in disguise. This season’s order is 26 episodes strong! After last season’s dramatic ending, fans have been patiently waiting to see where Mindy and the gang are going to pick up. The show has released a teaser that is just that, a tease.

PC: The Mindy Project official Facebook page
Photo credit: The Mindy Project official Facebook page

Last season ended with Danny flying to India and telling Mindy’s parents, “My name is Danny Castellano and I’m in love with your daughter.” We don’t see who he is talking to at the end of the episode, but on the other side of the door is Mindy Lahiri’s parents. From the sneak peek of the Lahiri’s, they’re going to be a hilarious addition to the season.

From Danny’s huge romantic gesture, it would seem that the doctors will live happily ever after, but then the clip from the new season shows Joseph Gordon Levitt in all his romantic man glory hitting on Mindy! Gasp! Is it a dream? Is she now dating JGL? Could fans really be mad at either of these scenarios? There are just so many questions!! There’s another man introduced in the teaser, apparently a new doctor in the practice who will inevitably stir up some drama.

One thing that is abundantly clear from this trailer: Mindy will have a newborn baby to deal with in Season 4. From the looks of it the birth will be in typical Mindy fashion, very dramatic with Morgan making everything worse. Though she is a new mom, her inappropriate interactions, fashion choices and eating habits do not appear to have changed. Of course Mindy is going to be a cool, hip mom, but with this new role in her life will her character change? Will the show’s dynamic change? Fans will have to answer those questions for themselves when the show makes its triumphant return September 15th!

Check out the teaser trailer here:,p0,d1

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