Best Speeches of the 5th Annual Streamy Awards

Paola Tristan Arruda ’18/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Grace Helbig accepting her award at the Streamy Nominee event. Source: Streamy Awards
Grace Helbig accepting her award at the Streamy Nominee event. Source: Streamy Awards

The 5th Annual Streamy Awards happened last night and we’ve seen some of the best YouTubers and Viners up on its stage. Each winner seemed caught by surprise when their names were called and some speeches ended up being as short as a Vine. While some speeches were slightly awkward and forgettable, there were definitely some speeches that we’ll remember forever!

The first winner of the night had one of the funniest speeches! Comedy award winner Flula Borg kept people laughing even as he left the stage. He already seemed so confused when he found out that he won, and his words continued to express confusion when he captured everyone’s attention with one sentence. “I feel like a panda bear that has been playing hockey with other humans”, said Borg. Although he was a little loud from trying to contain all of his excitement, there is no doubt why he won a comedy award.

Famous YouTuber Lilly Singh, otherwise known as ||Superwoman||, won an award for first person series. According to twitter, the “TeamSupers” were ecstatic that Lilly won and absolutely loved her speech. There was a lot of genuineness and truth to her speech in which she proclaimed, “Huge shoutouts to Google and YouTube to not being scared to put a brown girl on a billboard, thank you!” She represented dreamers, minorities, comedians, and strong women everywhere. The compliments and praise did not stop there. Memes sprouted across all social media with quotes from Superwoman’s speech.


The most shockingly touching speech award went to FouseyTube. FouseyTube won Show of the Year. Creator Yousef Saleh Erakat moved the audience when he spoke on such sensitive topics as his battles with mental illnesses and addiction. He proceeded to thank his friends and family and spoke in a wonderfully honest way. Congrats Yousef!


Another memorable speech came with a flair for the dramatics! When Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith went up to accept for Prank vs. Prank things got pretty intense when Wellens handed off his beer bottle to Smith. Smith not taking kindly to being told not to talk smacks her boyfriend over the head with the bottle! Seems like these two were pranking the viewers at home with their break away bottle stunt!

Check out all of last nights winners and those that didn’t make the show!


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