Andy Samberg: Silly, Yet Intellectual Host for Primetime Emmys

Shannon Mullins ‘19/ Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


Andy Samberg hosted the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards Show. Known as a member of the comedy group The Lonely Island, former cast member on Saturday Night Live, and star of FOX’s police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it was expected that he would host the show with plenty of one-liners and jokes. Samberg certainly did not disappoint this expectation.

Andy Samberg started off the show with an opening musical number, pinpointing the fact that there is “too much TV” out there, and far too many shows with “wives” in the title. He went into a bunker to catch up on the many shows on the air and came out a year later. Samberg then concluded the song saying he is the perfect host because he’s white. He used his opening monologue to touch on numerous subjects, including some election jokes about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, as well as remarks on sexism and racism: “Yeah, racism is over. Don’t fact check that.” It was not only a funny opening monologue, but also (sadly) true. “The wage gap between men and women hired for major roles in Hollywood is still an issue. Wait, I’m sorry I misread that. The age gap between men and women hired for major roles in Hollywood is still an issue. Wait, I’m sorry I misread that again. It’s both! Still both. So crappy on two fronts.” He also made a joke about the tired ongoing joke about women not being funny: “I gotta say, Amy Schumer is really, really funny. You know, for a person.”

The 67th Primetime Emmy Award Shows was full of one-liners by Samberg. A quick cut back to the host showed him holding a huge Emmy statue. “Here’s my impression of the last season of Girls,” he said as he inserted his crotch into the butt of the statue.

He also made a joke about HBO’s True Detective’s poorly received second season. “We said goodbye to Mad Men and Parks and Recreation. We also said goodbye to True Detective, even though it’s still on the air.”

On Jon Hamm’s losing streak for Leading Actor in a Drama Series, Samberg said, “My friend, Jon Hamm, is nominated for Mad Men for the last time. But don’t worry, after the success of Better Call Saul, I’m sure Jon will be nominated for the Mad Men prequel: Dick Whitman: Horny Hobo.”

Overall, Andy Samberg was not the most prominent person at the Emmys, although he did a great job with his satirical take on today’s issues in television, as well as lighthearted humor towards numerous stars in the business.

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