Modern Family — Sorry, Not Sorry

Emma Johnson ’19 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

The cast of Modern Family. Photo credit: ABC

Tonight was an important night for Modern Family. Since its premiere in 2009, the series has taken home an Emmy every year. With its loss tonight, the series failed to break the record for the highest number of consecutive Emmy wins ever, and its ridiculous reign is finally over. While devoted fans (are there even any?) may have bemoaned the loss, the rest of us were dying for some new blood.

Modern Family was revolutionary in its prime. The series captured non-traditional families in a way that was relatable to audiences across America, working to make its viewers more open-minded in an effortless and hilarious fashion. We laughed along as Cam and Mitch navigated parenthood, as Gloria struggled to fit in in a new family that wanted nothing to do with her, and as Phil and Claire were forced to deal with the tumultuous lives of their three teenaged kids. Now, six years later, we just wish they would shut up and end the damn thing.

The cast is great. No one is saying they’re not great. They would be even more great if the show wrapped and they could put their talents to use on projects that are actually relevant. But alas. The writing is tired, and the stories have been exhausted. The show has lost its charm, and the critics and fans agree — the series has dropped in views significantly over the past two seasons. Yet, every year, the team gets up on that stage to accept an award that frankly, they no longer deserve. Series like Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Louie have been robbed time and time again because of this strange devotion to Modern Family. Until now. 

Veep finally ended the reign of terror, winning this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Led by seasoned sitcom veteran and Emmy Award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep is the type of series that makes comedy so compelling. The series follows United States Vice President Selina Meyer, a power-hungry narcissist who seems to know absolutely nothing about politics, yet somehow manages to find herself a heartbeat away from the presidency. Tonight, Veep cleaned up, with wins in four major categories, including Outstanding Lead Actress and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. In this “golden age” of television, at last something worth watching is finally taking home the gold.



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